gatsby chapter 6 questions

in the first few pages of this chapter, we learn about gatsby’s background. when did james gatz change his name to jay gatsby? why did he leave college after just two weeks? when he say dan cody’s yacht. he leaves because he doesn’t feel it was his destiny, would not get him where he wanted to be
nick says, “so he invented just the sort of jay gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end.” for james gatz, what does he expect the future jay gatsby’s life will be like? specifically, at night, what sets james’ heart “in a constant, turbulent” riot? imagining the success he will have in the future, money, appraisal, etc. he created himself from his own ambition
to young gatz, what does dan cody’s yacht represent? it represents the future he thought he was meant to have. all the beauty and glamor in the world
why does gatsby not get the 25,000 left to him in cody’s will? what lesson did young gatsby learn from this incident? ella kaye blocked it legally and she inherited everything. he was left with all the lessons of being and acting rich, although he wasn’t
after crossing paths with gatsby, tom says “i may be old-fashioned in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me.” what’s interesting and hypocritical about this line? the most ridiculous of all women, myrtle wilson, is his personal mistress. it’s interesting how tom judges women when they are not sleeping with him and with someone else
what is daisy’s opinion of gatsby’s parties? She doesn’t like it, it offends her in the way that it’s West Egg new money where everybody is tacky, wild, and drunk. She’s elite and the party doesn’t live up to her classy standards of East Egg. It appalls her.
while the reader can easily predict daisy and tom’s reaction to his party, gatsby cannot. why not? Gatsby is new money–tacky, flashy, and showing it off. He wasn’t born into privilege so he thinks like West Eggers. While Tom and Daisy are classy old money people with standards and sophistication. They’re snobby and the party is below them but Gatsby doesn’t understand because he isn’t sophisticated like East Eggers.
what is nick’s view of repeating the past, and what is gatsby’s opinion? why is gatsby’s opinion unrealistic? Nick know that you can’t and shouldn’t repeat the past, but Gatsby thinks he can just erase the last five years and start over again. His opinion is unrealistic because it’s been five years and both of them have changed. Daisy has a daughter–you can’t hit the undo button.

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