Gatsby CHAPTER 6 Questions

Who are Gatsby’s parents and what is he leaving when he leaves home at 16? Gatsby’s parents (Fathers name is Henry) were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people . When he left home, he left behind his parents. He never accepted them because they were unambitious.
When and why does James Gatz change his name to Jay Gatsby? When Gatsby was 17 years old he changed his name because he wanted a better, richer life. He changed his name because it sounded more glamorous. He uses it the first time when he rows out to Dan Cody’s yacht.
To young Gatz, what does Dan Cody’s yacht represent? It symbolizes all the beauty and glamor in the world.
Why does Gatsby not get $25,000 left to him in Cody’s will? Ella Kaye, Cody’s mistress, got all the money from Cody’s will. She kept Gatsby from getting his $25,000, and also got millions
Referring to the aftermath of Dan Cody’s death, at the end of the first part of Ch 6, Nick says, ” He was left with his singularly appropriate education; the vague contour of Jay Gatsby had filled out to the substantiality of a man.” Explain Nicks 2 points With spending 5 years with Cody, Gatsby received his education. He developed his idea of Jay Gatsby’s persona (traveled, sophisticated). 22 he is by himself. 25 he meets Daisy. 30 he is fully Gatsby by being wealthy and moving to West Egg.
Knowing Tom as we do, how can we account for his comment about being ” old fashioned ” and” women running around too much these days to suit him”? Quite sincere and obviously believes in a double standard of behavior. He judges Daisy, yet he lacks intelligence as well (very ironic).
What is Daisy’s opinion of Gatsby party? Daisy does not like the party because of the people who are there. Many of them were drunk and not as sophisticated as what she’s used to, so she’s uncomfortable. Too many loud people singing and dancing
When Gatsby says that he cannot make Daisy understand, what is it that he wants her to understand? Gatsby wants Daisy to understand that he loves her and wants her to be with him. He wants Daisy to leave Tom and act as if the past five years have not happened so they can be together and get married.
What is Nicks view of repeating the past, and what is Gatsby’s opinion? Nick’s view is that you cannot repeat the past. Gatsby’s opinion is he is going to make everything the way it was before and everything will be fine between Daisy and him. Gatsby’s opinion in unrealistic because it has been five years and they have both changed during this period of time. MONEY CANNOT FIX EVERYTHING
QUOTH HANNAH: “exposing these hoes” (about the author’s reasoning for writing this book)

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