Gatsby CHAPTER 5 Questions

In this chapter, what stages does Gatsby go through as he waits for and then meets with Daisy? He was first embarrassed and had unreasonable joy. Then he was filled with wonder. He’s been waiting for this day for so long. In a daze
How does Daisy react to the meeting? She was awkward and shocked at first, then when she was comfortable she started regretting her marriage with Tom, overwhelmed (reasoning for her tears). Her emotions are everywhere. Still liking Gatsby
When Nick asks Gatsby what business he is in, Gatsby responds, “That’s my affair,” before he realizes that it’s not an appropriate reply. Why does Gatsby give that answer, and why is it not an appropriate reply? He has tried to give the impression that he comes from money. Wants to stay on Nick’s good side for business for one thing, and Daisy connections for another. For wanting Nick on his good side for those reasons, it was an inappropriate answer.
Why does Gatsby throw all his shirts on the table? He was nervous, maybe filling an awkward silence. Shows his wealth.
Obviously, Daisy, with all her money, is not going to cry over some shirts; why does she cry? An emotional reaction with the reunion Gatsby, especially since she was crying earlier. She is overwhelmed, possibly because he did so much with his wealth just for her
In the 3rd to last paragraph of this chapter, what does Nick mean when he says, “even that afternoon Daisy tumbled short of his dreams- not through her own fault…”? Over the 5 years, Gatsby has built Daisy up in his dreams so much that she cannot possibly live up to his imagination of her.

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