Gatsby Chapter 3 Voc and questions

apparition vision; ghost; George
ascertain determine; Nick
asunder apart
cataract waterfalls; blindness; Dr. T.J.Eckleberg
caterwauling noisily crying; Owleyes; partygoers
convivial festive; friendly and enjoyable
cordial warm; heartfelt; Gatsby
corpulent stout
credibility believability; Nick
credulity believability; Nick
crescendo rise in volume
deplorably lamentably
discordant clashing; out of harmony
dissension disagreement
divergence departure
echolalia condition in which one repeats what others have said
eluded escaped
erroneous mistaking; wrong; incorrect Catherine
florid ruddy; excessively intricate or elaborate
fortnight two weeks
What do Nick and Gatsby have in common? During the war they were both in the Third Division in France but did not know each other.
In what way is Gatsby’s behavior at his party quite unlike the behavior of most of his guests? He does not drink, and seems to stay aloof from most everyone. Rather than dancing, singing, partying, his behavior becomes more correct as the evening progresses.
Why do you suppose that Jordan does not believe Gatsby when he says that he had attended Oxford College in England? At the time, Oxford was the college that the upper-class England attended. Presumably, Americans who went there are also from wealthy, socially prominent families. Gatsby must not fit Jordan’s image of an Oxford man, which is that of a wealthy and polished gentleman, who behaves gracefully and speaks fluently.
Why do Jordan and Nick leave the group from East Egg? The group from East Egg is too polite and reserved.
What is Nick’s opinion of the people at the parties when he says “that once there, the guests conducted themselves according to the rules of an amusement park”? He shows contempt for their rude behavior.
What is the great quality in Gatsby’s smile? Fitzgerald wants the smile to represent Gatsby himself.
What does Fitzgerald wish to convey as Nick describes that Gatsby’s “elaborate formality of speech” and “I was looking at a young roughneck” and “he was picking his words with care”? Despite Gatsby’s attention to detail with his speech and dress, there is something hard-looking about him.
What do you suppose Fitzgerald wishes to convey about Gatsby’s parties through the incident with the drunks and the car along with the husbands and wives arguing? For all their opulence, poshness, entertainment, and elaborateness, Gatsby’s parties generally end in mindless craziness from the people attending the party. Few people are happy even though they all appear to lack for nothing in the material way of life.
What is the purpose of the last section of this chapter “Reading over what I have written so far…”? Nick has spent the last three chapters discussing Gatsby, Tom, Daisy, Jordan, Myrtle and George. This break is meant to show that he did have a life apart from them, along with the revelation he does have a girlfriend back home that he must break up with. It shows that Nick is not a reliable narrator…
“I beg your pardon, but Mr. Gatsby would like to speak to you alone.” Who was he talking about? a. nick b. jordan(correct) c. owl eyes d. mrs. roosevelt
what does Gatsby refer to nick as? a. young sport b. old pal c. nicky d. old sport(correct)
which word describes Gatsby? a. tumultuous b. vinous c. notorius(correct) d. provincial
empty of content a. prodigality b.fraternal c. poignant d. malevolence e. vacuous(correct)

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