Gatsby Chapter 3

Describe the 2 ways in which Nick differs from the other guests at Gatsby’s party. Nick was one of the few people that was actually invited. The rest just showed up. He didn’t get drunk.
What does Nick think of Gatsby when he first meets him? Nick is fascinated with Gatsby. He thinks he is going to be a corpulent businessman but is actually very friendly.
Describe the events and the atmosphere of the party. The party was big and extravagant. there was a lot going on at once. Many of the guests were drunk which added to the liveliness of the party. They also had a band and orchestra playing.
What does the owl-eyed man in the library find extraordinary about Gatsby’s library? The books. He notices that the books are real books but have not been read. In the 20s the pages were stuck together before reading them.
What does Nick learn about Jordan Baker after he has spent some time with her? He learns that she is a dishonest person. She cheats her way to win.
Why does Fitzgerald describe the party in the present tense? To make the reader feel more apart of the story.
How does Nick characterize the guests at the party? What do these tell us about how he feels about most of the guests there? What sense of the jazz age do we get from the description of this party? Nick observes the people most of the time he is at the party. Most are businessmen that are very wealthy. They are all fake though because they flaunt it. The lifestyle during the 20s was very luxurious and they had extravagant parties with alcohol and expensive things.
Describe the ambiguity in Gatsby’s character that strikes Nick. Nick has always been impressed by Gatsby for his elaborate parties. Nick soon realizes he doesn’t have these parties for himself at all. He doesn’t care about the superficial things and doesn’t enjoy himself.
Describe 2 incidents involving automobiles in this chapter. What role do they seem to play? In general all the rich people drive recklessly because they don’t care what happens. They have an endless supply of money. Another incident is when owl eyes gets into an accident and lands in a ditch because the driver was drunk.

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