Gatsby Ch 9

What is the significance of Nick’s taking charge of Gatsby’s funeral arrangements? The significance of Nick taking charge was to reflect his true friendship with Gatsby and now he has come to know the true Jay Gatz.
Why do Tom and Daisy leave? Tom and Daisy run away to dodge all the trouble and harm they have caused to others.
How does Nick react to the phone call revealing Gatsby’s criminal activities? At first he was disgusted and felt like the lies were never ending, but then he realized he had to accept Gatsby for who he is and carry on.
What is the significance of Mr. Gatz’s arrival? The arrival was to reflect how many “friends” Gatsby actually has by his side, but it only ends being his father who is also the only one.
What is the irony of Mr. Gatz’s admiration of the house? He is proud of his son and all of his accomplishments and he most proud that he is just like his father.
What two emotions are pulling Mr. Gatz? He sad and proud of his son. He is sad that he had to go so soon and that there is no one else showing up to the funeral. He is proud because his son has had many great accomplishments and was living a good life.
Why did Nick take care of Gatsby©s funeral? He was close to Gatsby and no one was else was going to care for it.
Who attended Gatsby©s funeral? How and why is this significant? Nick, his father, and the people who owned the funeral homes. This is significant because he always threw big parties with thousands of people and no one showed up.
What is the purpose of Nick©s last meeting with Jordan? Nick was ready to go back home and wanted to say goodbye because he didn’t want to leave things the way they were.
Why does Nick call Tom and Daisy “careless people”? They are careless because they don’t care about the people they hurt and decided they should leave when they were the ones who caused all the trouble.

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