Gatsby Ch 8

How does Fitzgerald achieve a melancholic mood in the beginning of this chapter? Using different sound effects such as a telephone, instruments, and jazz music playing.
How are seasons used in constructing this novel? Spring time represents renewal, summer represents happiness and warmth, fall represents struggles, and winter represents the cold times and death.
Who is Dan Cody and what is his significance in Gatsbys life? He was an alcoholic who was very close to Gatsby and taught how to be. His inheritance was to Gatsby but it was stolen but greedy family members. He is important to Gatsby because that is who he wanted to be like.
How does Nicks statement “Youre worth the whole bunch put together” show a change in Nick? .. from the beginning of the novel? At first he wasn’t used to how these people acted and didn’t judge them, but once he saw what kind of people they really were he no longer liked them.
How does T. J. Eckleberg affect Mr. Wilson? Mr. Wilson thinks TJ is God watching down on him. Once he sees Myrtle is dead he thinks it is a sign to get revenge.

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