Gatsby Ch 6

6.0 Study Questions Chapter 6 6.0 Answers Chapter 6
1. In what state did Gatsby grow up? Chapter 6 1. Gatsby was reared in North Dakota. Chapter 6
2. What was his real name? Chapter 6 2. He was named James or Jimmy Gatz. Chapter 6
3. What was Dan Cody’s background? Chapter 6 3. Apparently, he had made a fortune in metals from Nevada silver fields and gold in the Yukon. Chapter 6
4. Who was Ella Kaye? Chapter 6 4. Ella Kaye was Cody’s mistress. Chapter 6
5. How much was to have been Gatsby’s inheritance from Cody? Chapter 6 5. He was to receive $25,000. Chapter 6
6. Why did he not receive it? Chapter 6 6. Ella Kaye found a legal strategy to cut him out and inherit Cody’s millions herself. Chapter 6
7. What is the significance of the threesome not waiting for Gatsby? Chapter 6 7. He does not understand that their invitation is superficial; in fact, he is being insulted without being aware of it. Chapter 6
8. Why was Daisy appalled at Gatsby’s party? Chapter 6 8. The sophistication and restraint of the “secret society are missing.” The vitality and simplicity of Gatsby’s guests are virtually palpable, and Daisy is unappreciative. Chapter 6
9. How did Tom charge Gatsby with making his money? Chapter 6 9. Tom denounces Gatsby as a bootlegger. Chapter 6
10. In what season of the year had Gatsby met and kissed Daisy? Chapter 6 10. He had known her in Louisville in the autumn of the year. Chapter 6

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