Where do Myrtle and George Wilson live? Valley of Ashes
Where does Jay Gatsby live? West Egg
Where do Tom and Daisy Buchanan live? East Egg
Where does Nick Caraway live? West Egg
Which of the following characters can be considered “old money” Tom and Daisy
Which of the following characters is a member of the working class? George Wilson
Tom, Daisy, and Nick were all educated at… New Haven
Jay Gatsby is believed to have been educated at… Oxford
With whom does Myrtle Wilson have an affair? Tom
With whom does Daisy Buchanan have an affair? Gatsby
Who does Nick date? Jordan
What gift does Tom buy for his mistress in New York? puppy
Where is the billboard of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg? Valley of Ashes
What do the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg symbolize? God
In chapter 4 how does Gatsby explain his wealth? inherited from parents
How does Jay Gatsby really earn his money? gambling, bootlegging
Where was Daisy Buchanan originally from? Louisville
Why does Tom go to Gatsby’s part in ch. 6? keep an eye on Daisy
Who cheats Gatsby out of his inheritance from Dan Cody? Ella Kaye
Where was Gatsby originally from? North Dakota
What did Gatsby;s father do for a living? farming
What has Gatsby’s father carried with him in his pocket? picture of his house
Who kills Jay Gatsby? George Wilson
Which of the characters shows up at Gatsby’s funeral? Owl Eyes
By the end of the main narrative, how old is Nick? 30

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