Freshman Romeo and Juliet test

who starts the fight between the capulets and the montagues Sampson capulets (gregory and sampson)
What gesture is made to start the first fight of the story in act 1 between the capulets and the montagues biting of the thumb
what character stops the fighting between the capulets and the montagues in act 1 the prince
why is romeo so upset in the begining of act 1 he is so upset because he loves rosaline and she does not love him back
how does capulet feel about juliet getting married to paris at age 13 caoulet is opposed and feels she should wait 2 more years
who gives the queen mab speech mercutio
what was the dream romeo discusses on the way to the party about a dream that something wull happen at the party that will cause him an early death that will be brought upon him at the party
what does romeo compare juliet to a bruning bright torch. a white dove amongst black crows. a jewel in an ethiop’s ear
why does tybalt want to fight romeo at the party and who tells him he can not he wants to fight him because he is invading their party. capulet tells him he cannot fight romeo
how do romeo and juliet find each other’s identifies through the nurse
in act 1 who is in favor opposed and neutral to the marrige of romeo and juliet in favor: paris, lady capulet. opposed: capulet juliet. neutral: nurse
what purpose does darkness serve in the balcony scene scene 2 darkness conseals romeo and it gives him something to compare juliets brightness to (moon)
what are juliets concernes during the balcony scene she is concrned that romeo is possible just being impulsive saying he loves her when its acutaly not real love and that romeo will move on and upset juliet. juliet is also embarassed that Romeo overhearded her speaking her thoughts on the balcony
when romeo swears he loves juliet by the moon, what does she say he should swear by instead he should swear his love by himself and his word moon is inconsistant
who propoes romeo and juliet get marred juliet
what is friar lawrences responce to seeing romeo so early in the morning friair lawrence wonders if romeo is ok because he should be sleeping and because hes not it leads friar lawrence to belive something is wrong
what are friars concncerenes about romeo’s desire to marry juliet frier is concrened that romeo has barley even stopped crying over rosaline and now he loves juliet so he thinks he is being impulsive and jumping to loving juliet too quickly. he also thinks romeo may be just loving juliet on the surface and not truly. he wants romeo to be faithful but is unsure he will be.
why does friar consider marrying romeo and juleit s stop the fued
what info does benvolio and mercutio know that romeo doesent tybalt sent a letter to the montagues thretaning and challanging romeo to a sword dual to avenge his precence at the parrty
why is mercutio mad at romeo romeo ditched them after the party
How long has Juliet been waiting for the Nurse to return with the news from Romeo? three hours
what does the nurse do when she finaly gets back she stalls telling juliet what romeo said by complaining that she is tired and changing the subject
what is friar lawrence afraid of in the marriage of romeo and Juliet sudden joys have sudden endings. forshadowing short ending to marrige because they love too fast
What is another name for the Friar? ghostly confessor
why do Mercutio and Tybalt fight? what is the outcome and who is at fault because romeo will not fight tybalt so mercutio steps in instead. mercutio is stabbed in the ribs underneath the arm of romeo by tybalt. this is romeo’s fault because he gets in the way of merctio giving tybalt a perfect opportunity to strike at mercutio
what does mercutio mean when he says “a plauge on both of your houses!” mercutio is mad at the two houses because its their fued that killed mercutio
how does romeo kill tybalt romeo kills tybalt because he is given new strength because of his anger and vengance over the death of his best friend mercutio
what punishment does the prince give romeo and what does lady capulet want for his punishment the prince banishes him to mantua instead of killing him for 2 reasons. 1 was because he killed tybalt who would haave died anyway because he killed mercutio, and 2 becuase the prince is friends with mercutio and he is sad about his death. Lady capule wants romeo dead
what is lady capulet’s plan for romeo after he kills tyblat send people to mantua to kill him
what are juliet’s calshing emotions when she finds out romeo killed tybat. she does not know wether to greive because if tybalt were not dead then romeo would and that would be worse than what it is like now
how does romeo feel about his punishment and what impulsive action does he attemt to commit romeo is upset at his punishment because he would rather be dead (friar says he is ungrateful) and he tries to commit suicide with a knife.
what reason does friar give for romeo not to kill himself if he were to kill himself he might as well kill juliet because she would be very sad and becuase romeo and juliet are a couple now and that would be selfish
what reasons does friar give for romeo to be grearful for juliet is alive, tybalt was killed not him, he was spared by being banished and not put to death, and that juliet still loves romeo even though he stabs her cousin in the stomach with a sword.
what is the friar’s plan for romeo and juliet after they get married romeo is to go to juliet’s house, sneak into the bedroom, stay the night, then leave before the sun rises to go to mantua, then later on they will tell the news about romeo and juliets marriage
how does juliet forshadow romeo’s death says the next time she sees romeo he will be at the bottom of a tomb
what decision do capulet and lady capulet force upon Juliet, how does she react and how does capulet react to juliets reaction. what does the nurce say capulet and lady capulet tell juliet that she will be marrying paris on thursday. juliet is very upset because she dosent want to marry paris because she is already married to romeo. capulet is furious and says that if she dosent marry paris capulet will disown her. the nurse tells juliet that maybe it is best for her to marry paris because it will keep her parents happy.
How many people know of the marriage of Romeo and Juliet? Juliet, Juliet’s Nurse, Romeo’s servant Balthazar, and Friar Lawrence.
What does the nurse give to Romeo from Juliet ring
Why is Paris at Friar Laurence’s cell? he is there to discuss wedding plans with the friar
If friar can not help juliet avoid marrige with paris what does she plan to do kill herself with the dagger
How do we know that paris will not make a good husband when at friar’s cell he tells juliet that she looks horrible because she was crying for tybalt (she wasn’t) and that she needs to change that before they marry. when juliet “dies” paris acts inconvienced and not as if it upsets him or act sympathetic
What are the six steps to Friar’s plan 1. tell capulet she plans to marry paris 2. spend night before wedding alone 3. drink the vile 4. appear dead for 42 hours 5. friar sends romeo a letter telling him of the plan and to come to the tomb 6. friar and romeo will be in the tomb when juliet wakes up, take her to mantua
what does capulet deciede to do when juliet tells him she wants to marry paris move the wedding up a day from thrusday to wendsday
what are juliet’s 5 fears about taking the potion 1. the potion dosent work 2. friar kills juliet with the potion to avoide ridacule for marrying her and romeo 3. the potion wears off in the tomb 4. she will sufficate 5. go insane inside tomb
who is the first to discover juliet “dead” and what is her reaction. what are the reactions of paris capulet and lady capulet nurse finds juliet, her reaction is very upset and devestated becasuse she loves juiet. paris acts inconvenonced by the death of juleit and shows no sympathy whatsoever. capulet is very sad becasue he loves juliet and because the lasts words he spoke to her were threataning to disown her. lady capulet is very distant she puts on an apperacne of false sympathy, upset that juleit diddnt marry paris because she wants him
How has Juliet’s relationship with the nurse changes since the beginning of the play? in the begining of the play juleit had much more trust in the nurse but as the play carries out she looses trust in the nurse specifcly when the nurse tells her to just marry paris
what does romeo plan to do when he hears the news of Juliet’s death he asks balthazar to hire him a horse to get back to verona and kill himself in the tomb next to juliet using a posion bought from the drug dealer
why dosent friar lawrence’s letter reach romeo on time on the way to deliver the letter friar john stops at a house full of people with the plague and is not allowed to leave.
why is paris at juliet’s grave, how does paris react to seeing romeo, romeo to paris. and does romeo honor his last wish paris is at juliets grave to give her flowers and mourn. paris thinks romeo is there to mess with the bodies and gets very angry and says he will aprehend him. romeo tells him he is only there to kill himself and ask him to leave him alone. romeo and paris fight each other and romeo kills paris. paris’s last wish is to be laid with juliet and romeo honors it
what does the friar suggest to juliet after romoe dies become a nun
what does juliet do when she awakes to romeo dead takes romeos dagger and stabs herself in the chest
how does lady montague die over her greaf over romeos banishemnt
who tells what happened the past few days before the death of romeo and juleit and how is what they say backed up friar tells it and its backed up with a letter written by romeo to his father explaining the whole situation
who pays for the death of romeo and juliet everyone because rhey all played some part in the death of romeo and juliet. they are punished through the death of romoe and juliet
list alll the characters who die in the order they die 1. mercutio 2. tybalt 3. paris 4. romeo 5. juliet 6. lady montague
how does romeo justify his purchase of posion from the apocathary he is poor and he needs the money
what is the result of the death of romeo and juliets death capulets and montagues finally stop fighting
in act 2 what does friar mena when he says “so smile the heavens uon this holy act that the afterhours with sorrow chide us not” frair as calling on god to bless the marrige of romeo and juliet and protect it from danger foreshadowing problems to come