Frankenstein: Volume 3

Who tells Victor that he should remember that he can marry Elizabeth if he loves her? Why? His father suggests it in the hope that this will make his son eternally happy
Why does Victor not want to immediately marry Elizabeth? What does he instead suggest? Because he still has not fufilled his promise to the monster, he says he will marry Elizabeth on his return from a trip to England with Clerval
Why does Victor want to go to England? They have things that will help him in the creation of the female monster
Which character reminds Victor of his former self? (131-132) Clerval
Where does Victor work on the female monster and what does he think of this land? In Scotland, and he hates it.
When he worked on the monster, science blinded his morality to the gruesomeness of the work, how does he feel now as he works on the female monster? (137) He feels disgusted by what he is doing
Why does Victor destroy the monster’s mate before his eyes (138)? Because she has not made the promises he has and Victor thinks the female creation will be worse than the monster.
What does the monster mean when he says “you are the creator but I am the master”? (140) That even though it was Frankenstein who made him, he is the one in control and calling the shots.
What does Victor do after he cleans up his chemistry materials after his fight with the monster? He gets on a small skiff and brings it out 4 miles so he can toss the lady-monster bits off the ship
What do the Irishmen accuse Victor of? Killing Clerval
What happens to Victor when he sees the dead body? He falls into a brain fever and accuses himself of Justine’s, Clerval’s and William’s murders.
Where does Victor awake after his fever, what is he informed? In Irish prison, he is to be hung
When Kirwin tells Victor he has a visitor, what is his reaction? Of fear and revulsion, thinking it is the monster. He relaxes when he learns it is his father though
How does Victor escape being hung? Kirwin thinks he is innocent and defends him in the case
What does Victor mean when he says “the cup of life is poisoned forever”? (153) The joy of life has been forever stolen from him, for example, at some points he wants to die.
What does Victor take to sleep after his fever until death and when he sleeps, what does he dream of? Landononium, but it causes him to dream of the monster
What person was able to bring Victor back from his fits of madness? Elizabeth
What did Victor think the monster meant when he said “I will be with you on your wedding night” and what procautions does he take? He thought he meant he would kill Victor, so he kept a gun to shoot the monster, but the monster really meant he was going to kill Elizabeth
Why does the monster kill Elizabeth? To make Victor feel the same pain he felt when his female monster was destroyed.
What does Victor do when he sees the monster after Elizabeth’s death? Shoots a pistol and then takes the villagers to give chase to the fleeing monster
How does Victor’s father respond to the death of Elizabeth? He dies
Who does Victor ask to help him seek the monster? What does he say? The magistrate says it will be hard as the monster is superhuman
Does the monster know Victor is tracking him? Yes, he leaves him little notes and plans to meet him in the Artic
How did the monster rob/terrorize a town on his way to the Artic? terrified them with guns and stole food and supplies
How did VIctor come to Walton’s ship? He lost sight of the monster, got trapped between ice, some of his dogs died, he made a makeshift boat and tried to get to the ship
After his story, what does Victor implore Walton to do? Seek the monster and get revenge
What does the mutiny ask Walton to do? Take them home
What does Victor tell the mutiny? He asks them if they would rather return heroes or cowards
What does Victor tell Walton before he dies? To avoid ambition so as not to turn into the wreck that he, Victor, is.
How does the monster say his murders effected him and about his reasons? After the murder of Clerval he returned broken to Switzerland where he learned Victor was going to get his female (Elizabeth)/happiness, even as the monster would not and this enraged him to kill her.
Who hates the monster the most? himself
What does the monster plan to do after he leaves Walton? Kill himself

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