Frankenstein Vocabulary Word List

Abhorrent adj. hateful; detestableRacial discrimination was abhorrent to us all.
Appalling adj. shocking; horrifyingJeremy’s conduct was appalling; therefore, he was always in and out of the principal’s office.
Ardent adj. passionate; enthusiasticKayla was so ardent about the UK that she wanted tomove there when she turned 18.
Augmented adj. increased; added toHe augmented his summer income by painting houses.
Benevolent adj. naturally goodVictor’s benevolent attitude become bitter after he had his heart broken.
Calamity n. disasterNot having enough food for the party was a total calamity.
Capacious adj. roomy; spaciousThe capacious cage was big enough to keep the dog content.
Caprice n. whim; whimsyHer caprices had made his life impossible
Carnage n. slaughter; massacreThe carnage at the murder scene was too intense for even the cops to take.
Commiserate v. feel sympathy; empathiseBob went over to commiserate with Rose on her grandmother’s death.
Conflagration n. fire; blazeThe conflagration caused everyone to leave the campsite in a panic
Countenance n. facial features; appearanceerin’s countenance when she got her new puppy showed how excited and happy she was.
Cursory adj. half-hearted; not thoroughly doneA cursory job on our homework will give you a bad grade.
Debilitated v. weakened; made unableA woman who had felt chronically debilitated and unwell for years decided to go to rehab.
Detrimental adj. harmful; damagingFast food is detrimental to the human race.
Diabolical adj. DevilishThe Joker’s diabolical plan was to try and kill the Batman.
Dilate v. expandThe eye doctor dilated the woman’s pupils to give him a better look.
Emaciated adj. thin and wastedThe emaciated dog had to be put down.
Epithets n. abusive wordsHer epithets to all the kids is what gave her the title of school bully.
Exhortations n. Urgingno amount of exhortation had any effect on me and my decision about going away for school.
Expedient adj. suitable; practicalEither side could break the agreement if it were expedient to do so.
Fetter n. shackleThe fetters around the slaves’ necks and wrists prevented them from escaping.
Harrowing v. distressing; agonisingA harrowing film about racism and violence caused me to feel sad and angry.
Ignominious adj. disgracefulno other party risked ignominious defeat.
immutable adj. unchangingThe immutable fact of life is that you will die.
Imperious adj. DomineeringThe pregnant woman’s imperious demands were satisfied when her husband got her what she wanted.
Inclemency n. StorminessThe weather’s inclemency caused people to question if they should wear sunglasses or bring an umbrella.
Indefatigable adj. untiring; tirelessJane’s son seemed to be indefatigable because he never seemed to be able to fall asleep.
Indolence n. lazinessMy indolence cause my dad to yell at me to get out of bed and go to a place called “outside”.
Inexorable adj. relentless; unyieldingthe seemingly inexorable march of new technology.
Interment n. burialInterments took place in the churchyard.
languid adj. lacking energyThey turned with languid movements from back to front so as to tan evenly.
Obdurate adj. stubbornThe obdurate donkey refused to move from the shade.
Obliterated v. destroyed completely; terminateKaren, Matt, and Arthur obliterated the statues.
Oblivion n. forgottenThe men at the bar drank themselves into oblivion.
Odious adj. hatefulher odious terms kept getting on my nerves so I punched her in the face.
Paroxysm n. spasm; convulsionHer violent paroxysms on the floor caused everyone to move everything out of the way so she wouldn’t hurt herself.
Penury n. extreme povertyHe died in a state of virtual penury.
Perdition n. complete ruinAtlantis was left in complete perdition after it sank to the bottom of the sea.
Physiognomy n. face; countenanceHer physiognomy showed that she had American Indian heritage.
Portend v. predictThe gridlock at the top of the leader board portends a sudden-death playoff.
Posterity n. future generationsThe posterity of today’s generation will grow up with extensive technology.
Precipitous adj. steepThe precipitous ski slope was labelled as a double black diamond.
Progeny n. child; offspringMary Shelley called Frankenstein her “hideous progeny”.
Prognosticated v. predictedThe Mayans prognosticated the end of the world.
Purloined v. stolenThe thief purloined the rubies from the jewellery store.
Rankling v. IrritatingDavid kept on rankling his sister so she screamed in frustration.
Repugnance n. loathing; repulsiveness; disgustClarice’s growing repugnance at the sight in front of her ceased when the, what seemed to be dead, creature woke up.
Retrospect n. looking back on the pastIn retrospect, I should’ve done my winter break work at the beginning and not the end.
Reveries n. daydreamsMy reveries during class distract me from the teacher in front of me.
Salubrious adj. healthfulThe girl’s room became salubrious once she cleaned it.
Sanguinary adj. blood-thirtsyThe most sanguinary war ever in American history was the Civil war.
Satiated v. fully satisfiedThe woman was satiated after eating Thanksgiving dinner.
Slaked v. quenchedMy thirst was slaked when I had a lemonade.
Sophisms n. Misleading argumentEric’s sophism to Max gave him the wrong directions allowing Eric to win.
Sustenance n. nourishment; food and drinkNecessary sustenance for a child is food, water, protection, and love.
Timorous adj. fearfulthe timorous shriek left us all shaken and scared.
Vacillating v. fluctuating; waveringI had, for a time, been vacillating between teaching and journalism.
Wantonly adv. immorally; cruellyDexter wantonly killed the man who murdered his wife.
Wretched adj. miserableThe wretched man had been homeless with no money to his name for 17 years.

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