Frankenstein Vocabulary List 1-98

fervent (adj.) – showing deep feeling
satiate (verb) – to satisfy
confer (verb) – to give, grant or bestow
requisite (adj) – required for a purpose
ascertaining (verb) – finding out
dispelled (verb) – put to rest (in the sense of fading away)
injunction (verb) – authoritative order
consecrated (adj.) – declared sacred
inuring (verb) – becoming accustomed to (something difficult)
capacious (adj.) capable of holding much, roomy
dross (n.) unwanted part
dauntless (adj.) fearless, courageous
amassed (verb) collected or accumulated
entreated (verb) made an earnest request of
suppliant (adj.) describes one who is humbly begging
inexorable (adj.) relentless
inclinations (n.) desires
prudence (n.) wisdom, good judgment and common sense
traversed (v.) crossed, to travel or pass across
whither (adverb) to what place, result, or condition
capitulated (verb) surrendered
impertinent (adj.) rude; disrespectful, insolent
conciliating (adj.) calming; satisfying
culled (verb) picked out; selected
evinced (verb) determined clearly
draught (noun) British draft; the portion drunk
paroxysm (noun) a fit, attack, or sudden increase of symptoms
repose (noun) sleep
fastidious (adj.) particular, oversensitive
discernment (noun) quality of being able to grasp an idea
ameliorate (verb) to make better
lineaments (noun) lines or features of the face
indefatigable (adj.) not tiring
effectual (adj.) able to produce a desired effect
procure (verb) to obtain; get
rankling (noun) thing that causes irritation or anger
recompensing (verb) repaying
penury (noun) extreme poverty
divine (verb) to guess correctly
akin (adj.) the same kind; similar
infidels (nouns) those who have no morals or religious beliefs
caprice (noun) impulse; whim
filial (adj.) related to a child
indiscriminately (adverb) done carelessly or without being particular
benefactors (noun) those who give gifts or benefits to someone
sullen (adj.) gloomy or dismal
semblance (noun) a likeness or image
aught (noun) at all; nothing; zero
beneficence (noun) , the quality or state of being good
predilection (noun) preference
inclemency (noun) , quality of having a temper or lacking mildness
apathy (noun) quality of not caring
chimerical (adj.) given to fantastic schemes
tyros (noun) beginners; novices
impediments (noun) things that stand in the way
repined (verb) complained
averred (verb) declared
preceptors (noun) principals of a school
slough (verb) to shed or cast off
multifarious (adj.) occurring in great variety
ardent (adj.) intense; passionate
caprices (noun) sudden changes in the way one thinks or acts
progeny (noun) offspring
avert (verb) turn away
relinquishing (verb) abandoning; leaving behind
immutable (adj.) unchangeable
decreed (verb) commanded; ordered
prognosticated (verb) predicted
benignity (adj.) favorability; goodness
countenance (noun) facial expression
respite (noun) a rest or break
pretence (noun) act of pretending; make believe
chaise (noun) A chair with a long seat
imbibed (verb) drank in
recapitulation (noun) summary (recap)
panegyric (noun) a speech or essay about a dead person
chimera (noun) a monster with a lion’s head; illusion; fabrication
crucible (noun) a thing for melting materials
humblemien (noun) way of behaving; appearance
affability (noun) friendliness
deference (noun) quality of being humble or showing respect
physiognomy (noun) outward appearance or the inner character shown by it
dogmatism (noun) arrogant, stubborn assertion of opinion or belief
pedantry (noun) act of paying too much attention to book learning
abstruse (adj.) difficult to understand
facile (adj.) easily accomplished
infallibly (adv.) done without the possibility of making a mistake
conducive (adj.) to be a help in doing something
protracted (verb) Lengthen in time or space
endued (verb) provided with a quality of power
irksome (adj) tiresome, tedious, annoying
recourse (noun) a source of help
minutiae (noun) trifling matters
consummation (noun) the conclusion
precepts (noun) rules to guide one’s conduct
emaciated (adj.) extremely thin
insensible (adj.) imperceptible; unconscious; unsusceptible
incipient (adj.) beginning to exist or appear

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