Frankenstein Vocab.

omnipotent all-powerful; having unlimited power
physiognomy the art of judging human character by facial features; facial features when regarded as revealing character
predilection a preference toward someone or something
palpable capable of being touched or felt
infallible incapable of failure or error
metaphysical relating to the study of nature of beings; abstract;beyond the physical form; relating to the supernatural
unhallowed unholy, immoral, desecrated, irreligious, impure
infamy extremely bad reputation; evil fame
unsullied not stained; clean, untainted, not tarnished, pure
indefatigable incapable of being tired out; incapable of defeat; tireless; unwilling to give up
countenance the appearance conveyed by a person’s face
demoniacal related to evil spirits, devilish; very wicked
excommunication the most severe penalty for refusing to obey Church laws; exclusion; casted out
prognosticate (v.) to predict, especially on the basis of present indications or signs, foretoken
benificence showing kindness to benefit others
enigmatic puzzling, perplexing, mysterious
procure acquire or obtain
abhorrence feeling of disgust
advocate a person who pleads for a cause or speaks in favor of an idea
allurement entice someone using charm or attraction
barbarous uncivilized or primitive
carnage destruction of life
circumstantial evidence information that is offered to establish the likelihood of a fact that is in question
frankenstein Anything that threatens or destroys its creator; a work or agency that ruins its originator. This word was created in 1818, the same year Mary Shelley’s novel was published.
epithet word or phrase that describes a person or thing or a nickname
infidel an unbeliever
environs The area adjoining or surrounding a place
interment the ritual of placing a corpse in a grave
restorative capable of regaining one’s health
apparition a ghostlike image of a person or a ghostly figure; an unexplained or unusual appearance
tyrant a ruler who abuses his power
majesty impressive beauty, stately dignity, majestic splendor
innumerable too numerous to be counted
vagrant an idle wanderer
wretchedness extreme misery, torment
immutable not subject to change, constant, unchangeable
irreparable cannot correct a mistake or repair damage
ineffectual lacking forcefulness; not having the desired effect
unbridled not restrained; not controlled
degradation the act of damaging or ruining something or someone;humiliation, debasement

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