Frankenstein Unit Final-Study Guide

Why did mary shelley write Frankenstein? She was challenged by Lord Byron to write a gothic story. Her idea for Frankenstein came ro her in a nightmare
What influenced the development for Mary Shelleys idea for Frankenstein? Her child died at a young age, and she wanted very much to bring it back to life
When was Mary Shelley born? August 30, 1797
In the preface, what does the author say she is trying to preserve? She is trying to “preserve the truth of the elementary principles of human nature”
What is the structure, or form, of the novel? Gothic literature
Who is writing the letters? Robert Walton
To whom are the letters written to? Margaret Saville
Where was the writer, and why was he there? In the North Pole, he wanted to explore the unknown
How did Robert Walton meet Victor Frankenstein? Victor was chasing an 8-foot tall man on a dogsled, but he collapsed and Walton rescued him and brought him onto his ship
How did Walton feel about his guest? Walton thought Victor was mysterious, also he wanted someone to talk to and Walton thought Victor would listen and they would become friends
Why was Victor Frankenstein in the Arctic? Victor was chasing the monster on a dog-sled
Who told the story from chapters 1-15? Victor Frankenstein
How did Elizabeth come to live with the Frankensteins? She was adopted from a poor and abusive family, and became Victor’s “cousin”
Who was Victors closest friend? Henry Clerval
What was one of the themes of the writers who influenced Frankenstein? Romanticicsm
What natural phenomena influenced Victors ambition with reanimation of the dead? A lightning bolt struck a tree stump
What two major events happened to Victor when he was 17 years old? 1) His mother, Caroline Beaufort, died. 2) Victor went to college at Ingolstadt
What experiment did Victor decide to produce? Victor wanted to reanimate a dead corpse
How did Victor feel when his experiment succeeded? Disgusted and horrified at the monsters ugliness
What happened to victor the day after he created his monster? He fell ill for many months
Who took care of Victor when he was ill? Henry Clerval
What did Clerval give Frankenstein when he was better? A letter from Elizabeth
How did Victor and Henry spend the next several months? In solitude
What news did Alphonse’s letter bring? William has been murdered
What did Victor see outside the gates of Geneva? The monster in fog
Who was being accused of Williams murder? Justine Moritz
What is Victors reaction to this accusation? He felt guilty and responsible
What did Victor do about his dilemma? Nothing
What was Victors state of mind after the trial? Suicidal
Where did Victor go to seek relief? The Alpine Valley village of Chamounix
Who does Victor see atop mt. Montanvert? The monster
What surprises Victor about the creature? He talks elequantly and sophisticatedly
How does Victor react to this meeting? Terrified, but angry and was prepared to fight the monster in mortal combat
What did the creature want from Victor? He wants Victor to listen to his story
Who is narrating chapters 16-20? The monster
How did the creature feel when he first felt life? Loneliness
What was the villagers reaction when they saw him? Terrified
Where did the creature take shelter? In a shed on the side of a cabin
What observations did the creature make about the people in the cottage? They are poor and unhappy
What does the creature learn to do, and how does he do it? The monster learns to speak French from Felix teaching Safie
What was the old man De Laceys reaction when the monster entered the cottage and began to speak to him? Welcoming, partly because he was unbiased towards the creatures appearance because he is blind
What was the reaction of the remaining cottagers? They were terrified, which invoked Felix to attack the monster and beat him with a stick
What did the creature do to the cottage when he found out the De Laceys moved out? Trampled on their garden and burn their cabin
What happened when the monster saved a young girl from drowning? He was shot in the shoulder
What discovery did ymthebcreature make about the next human that he encountered? It was William and that his father was Alphonse Frankenstein
What did the creature do to William? Murdered him from strangulation
How did the creature feel after killing William? Joy and power
What did the creature do about the locket that was on William? Framed Justine for the murder by putting it with her belongings
What does the creature ask from Victor, and why? He wants Victor to create a Female monster so he can be with someone like himself that will love and accept him
How did Victor react to the creatures request? He became defensive and said no, but eventually agreed because he felt sorry for the creature
What did the creature threaten when Victor destroyed the female monster? The creature told Victor that he will be with him on his wedding night
What happened when Victor landed his boat back to shore? He was arrested and trialed for murder
Who had been the creatures most recent victim, following the destruction of the female monster? Henry Clerval
What happened at Victors trial? He was found not guilty, because he was on another island at the time of the murder
What happened on Victors and Elizabeths wedding night? The monster strangled Elizabeth to death and escaped by swimming away in the ocean
What happened to Alphonse when he found out about the death of Elizabeth? He died from grief
What was the magistrates response when Victor told him the entire story of the creature? He didn’t believe Victor and said the law cant help his situation
What did Victor do after he left the magistrate? He went on a hunt for revenge by searching for the monster to kill him
What request does Victor ask from Walton? To kill the monster
What happened to Victor after some time aboard Waltons ship? He died from an illness
What does the creature say he will do when he sees Victors lifeless body aboard the ship? The monster says he will kill himslef
True or False…The person the monster hates the most, is himself TRUE
True or false…Victor and Elizabeth go to Paris France on their wedding night FALSE-they go to Lake Como
To who or what is the monsters strongest connection? PARADISE LOSTby John Milton
Why is the monster considered a malicious being? Because he is miserable
What is Safie A socialite
True or false the monster feels guilty toward de Lacey True
How does the nurse treat Victor Poorly
What are two reasons victors father thinks victor has been so distant Victor loves someone else or is having an affair
What does Henry show Victor Romanticism in the world or a younger version of himself
How does the monster feel about killing everyone and at the end of the book Regretful
True or false no one hates the monster more than himself True
Why didn’t Victor tell everyone about his creature that actually killed william Victor didn’t want people to think he is crazy
What chore does the monster perform for the de laceys Bringing wood to their front door
Author of sorrows of werter Johann Goethe
Author of ruins of empire Francois Volney
How does the monster feel towards the cottages Affectionate
Ancient Alchemist Victor studied Cornelius Agrippa
Nightmare Victor had after creating monster Seeing Elizabeth then she turns into Victors mothers dead corpse
What happens every time the monster does something to affect Victor Victor gets sick
How does everyone react to the creature when they see him Terrified
Prometheus and how does he correlate to the monster Mythological god who stole fire from a gods and gave it to mortals on earth
What movement did Mary Shelley participate in Feminism

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