Frankenstein Test Review

creator of the creature Victor Frankenstein
Frankenstein’s best friend Henry Clerval
lived with the Frankenstein family, married Victor Elizabeth
rescued Frankenstein from Arctic ice Robert Walton
recipient of a series of letters from her brother recipient of a series of letters from her brother
wrongly executed for murder Justine
Creature’s first victim William Frankenstein
beat the creature with a stick, married Safie Felix De Lacey
died of grief in his son’s arms Alphonse Frankenstein
Frankenstein family matriarch Caroline Frankenstein
What natural phenomena influenced Frankenstein? He watched a tree being hit by lightening during a storm
What happened to Frankenstein at the end of the story? He died of natural causes while in the cabin on the ship
What happens to the creature at the end of the story? He came into the cabin and saw his dead creator. He told Walton he was going to travel far north and kill himself.
How did the creature feel after he killed William? He was delighted that he was able to create despair for his creator.
Why did Mary Shelley write Frankenstein? It was a response to a contest of who could tell the scariest story.
In general, what was the reaction of the people the creature encountered? They were frightened and horrified. They all either ran away or tried to injure him.
What goal was Victor pursuing while at the university in Ingolstadt? He wanted to renew life in a corpse
What is the form of the novel? epistolary/ frame narrative
What type of literature genre does Frankenstein fall under? gothic
Who was Victor’s mentor while at university? Professor Waldman
After the creation, what does Henry Clerval give Victor once he recovers? A letter from Elizabeth
What news does the letter from Victor’s father bring? William has died
Who was accused of committing the murder? Justine
Whom does Frankenstein meet after he had ascended to the summit of Montanvert? The creature
What does the monster claim made him “a fiend”? misery
What does the monster believe Victor owes him? The monster believes Victor should listen to his tale
What does the monster witness at night that fills him with wonder? the moon
How does the monster learn to speak? By observing the cottagers
What purpose do the letters between Safie and Felix serve in regard to the monster’s story? they are proof that his tale is true
What did the creature do to the cottage when he returned and found that the De Laceys had moved out? He destroys it
Why does the creature decide to approach William? He feels his mind might be unprejudiced
In which country does Victor plan to finish his second experiment? Scotland
Describe the setting where Victor plans to finish his second creation. uninhabited, dark, dreary, isolated
What is the monster’s last warning to Victor the monster will be with Victor on his wedding night
Does Victor fear death? No. He often wishes for death because it would end his misery.
What happened to Elizabeth on her wedding night? She is murdered
What happened to Victor’s father as a result of this latest tragedy? he dies of grief
What request does Victor make of Robert Walton? He asks him to kill the creature if he gets the chance
How long does it take Victor to tell his tale? one week
enthusiastic or passionate ardent
having a lot of space inside, roomy capacious
abnormally thin or weak emaciated
True or False: Frankenstein was one of the sailors. False
How does Robert Walton feel about Frankenstein? He likes Frankenstein, and hopes they will become friends
True or False: The De Laceys have always been poor. False
What two major events happened to Frankenstein when he was seventeen? His mother died and he went away to the university
Who took care of Frankenstein during his illness? Henry Clerval
in a very unhappy or unfortunate state wretched
causing annoyance rankling
True or False: Once Frankenstein recovered, Victor and Clerval spend the next few months preparing a new experiment. False
True or False: Frankenstein was delighted to finally meet the creature. False
the state of being very poor penury
done or made quickly cursory
something that confines or restrains fetter
Out of all of the books the creature reads, which one does he relate to most? Paradise Lost
Who had been the ruin of the De Lacey family? Safie’s father, the Turk
What type of precautions does Victor take to protect himself from the monster? He begins to carry around a pistol and dagger
True or False: At the end of the novel, Walton changes his course of direction. True
True or False: The creature feels no regret for killing Victor’s family. False

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