Frankenstein Study Guide Ch 21 pd 1

what happens at victors trial? he is found not guilty
How does Victor feel as they leave Ireland and go to France? Victor feels a truce has been established between him and the monster because of the death of Clerval.
why doesn’t victor get home quickly? Victor must recuperate from another illness. Also, he desperately avoids human contact
What does Elizabeth say in her letter? How does Victor respond to her? She says she and Victor, as brother and sister, may not have an intimate love. She only cares for his happiness, and if Victor no longer loves her, they should not marry.
What are the marriage plans? How does Victor prepare for what he fears will happen? Victor returns to Geneva. The marriage will take place in ten days. Victor fears the monster will kill him.
How do Victor and Elizabeth get to Evian and why do they stop there? They sail to Evian to spend the night after their wedding. On the following day, they will continue to Villa Lavenza
Has Victor understood the Creature’s promise correctly? What happens on Victor’s wedding night? Victor believed the monster would kill him, not Elizabeth. The monster kills Elizabeth on their wedding night.
How does the Creature respond? The monster jeers and points to Elizabeth’s body from outside the window.
What happens when Victor returns to Geneva? What happens to Victor’s father? What happens to Victor? Victor returns to Geneva and shortly after, Alphonse dies of heartbreak. Victor falls into a sickness and madness which lasts for a few months.
What happens when Victor tries to get the authorities to help him hunt for the Creature? What does Victor do? The magistrate tells Victor to prepare for disappointment because the law can do very little to capture the creature. Victor sees the monster stow away on a ship bound for Russia. Victor follows the creature into the Arctic Circle with a dog sled.
What happens during Victor’s pursuit of the Creature? Where to they go? What does the Creature do? Victor sees the monster hide out on ship that is headed for Russia. Victor decides to follow the creature into the Arctic on a dog sled.
What sustains Victor during his pursuit? The creature leaves food for Victor
What does Victor ask Walton to do? What does he warn Walton about the Creature? Victor asks Walton to destroy the creature. Victor warns Walton that the creature is persuasive
Why wouldn’t Victor tell Walton the details about the creation? Victor won’t tell Walton the details about the creation because Victor doesn’t want him to know the secret. He believes it will kill Walton’s happiness.
How has Victor come to understand himself? How does Walton respond to Victor’s impending death? Victor believes his desire for science has chained him. Walton regrets knowing Victor when he was younger and more powerful.
How does Walton avoid the threat of a mutiny? Walton avoids the threat of a mutiny by accepting his crew’s demands to go back to England after the ice thawed
Why is Walton returning to England? What will Victor do? Walton returns to England because of the voyage. The voyage resulted in death of a few crew members and the voyage was very dangerous. Victor says that he will continue his journey.
Does Victor blame himself? What is Walton’s response to Victor’s death? No, Victor doesn’t blame himself. Walton is very sad about Victor’s death, he cries. Walton really wants to turn the ship around and give up.
What happens as Walton is writing? What is the effect of shifting to the present tense here? The monster has boarded the ship, and Victor finds the body. There is a mood of fright, and there is also suspense now that the creature has appeared.
When Walton sees the Creature in the cabin with Victor’s body, what is familiar about the scene? Why has the Creature come to see Victor? It seems as though their roles have been switched. The creature stands over the body of Victor with no emotion on his face. The monster wants to ask Victor for his forgiveness.
Do we see the Creature die? No. He floats away on a block of ice into the night.

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