Frankenstein Study Guide: Ch 19-21

What are Clerval’s plans for his career? Clerval wants to help with the progress of the English empire in India.
Where does Victor’s journey end, and what does he plan to do there? Why is he afraid? Victor’s journey ends in Perth, Scotland, and the Orkney Islands. He is afraid the monster is angry that Victor is delaying on his promise.
Why does Victor change his mind about creating the female? Who watches him as he destroys the female? Victor changes his mind because he does not want the female to breed other monsters. The creature sees Victor tear apart the body.
What happens shortly after Victor destroys the female? How is this similar to what happened after Victor created the Creature? Victor falls into another sickness after he destroys the female.
What happens when the Creature visits Victor? What does the Creature promise to do? What does Victor understand that promise to mean? The creature vows to “see him on his wedding night.” The monster vows to destroy Victor’s happiness. Victor interprets this to mean that the monster will kill him on his wedding night.
What happens when Victor goes out in a boat to dispose of the female creature’s remains? Where does he end up? What happens when he lands? He falls asleep in the boat. A strong wind blows the boat off course. He lands on the Irish shore and he is taken into custody as a murder suspect.
Who is Mr. Kirwin and how does he treat Victor? What has happened to cause Victor’s arrest? What happens to Victor after his arrest? Mr. Kirwin is the magistrate. Clerval was found on the beach dead. Victor is in prison for two months. Victor becomes feverish. The magistrate finds papers and believes Victor is innocent.
What happens when Victor wakes up? Who is there? Victor wakes up, feeling better and the nurse is with him.
What happens at Victor’s trial? Victor is found innocent because he was on the Orkney Island the same hour when the body was found.
How does Victor feel as they leave Ireland and go to France? Victor feels a truce has been established between him and the monster because of the death of Clerval.

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