Frankenstein study guide, Ch. 1 – 12

To whom is this first letter written? Margaret Saville, Robert Walton’s sister
In what city and country is the writer of the letter? St. Petersburg, Russia
In what month does the writer of the letter intend to set sail? June
What is the planned destination of this voyage? Unknown areas of the Arctic Ocean. He wants to explore uncharted areas.
What is the relationship between the writer of the letter and the receiver of the letter? Brother/Sister
(Letter 2) How old is the writer of the letters? 28
From What location is letter 2 sent? Archangel
What type of books did the writer of the letters read until the age of fourteen? “Our Uncle Thomas’ books of voyages”
After age fourteen, what type of literature did the letter writer read? “At that age I became acquainted with the celebrated poets of our own country”
In what location is letter 3 written? Archangel
What do the sailors see floating past the ship? Sheets of Ice
(Letter 4) What had surrounded the ship? Ice
At two o’clock, what did the sailors see crossing the ice? They saw vast an irregular planes of ice which had no end. Then they saw a carriage fixed on a sledge and drawn by dogs.
Two hours after seeing this unusual sight, what happened to the ship? The ice broke and the ship was freed.
The following morning, what did the sailors pull from the ice? Victor Frankenstein
Why is the stranger revealing the story of his life to the letter writer? Victor believes that Walton is exposing himself to the same dangers which have forced Victor to become what he is.
Of what nationality is Frankenstein? Frankenstein is Genevese, which means Swiss, or from Geneva
Who are his parents and how did they meet? Caroline Beaufort and Alphonse Frankenstein. Alphonse was friends with Caroline’s father who was a merchant. After the merchant’s death, he was “a protecting spirit” for her and they later married.
In what city was Frankenstein born? Naples
How old was Victor when he and his parents visited Italy? 5
What child did Victor’s parents adopt? (first and last name) Elizabeth Lavenza
1. How much of an age difference is there between Victor and his younger brother? 7 years
2. Who was Victor’s closest friend? Henry Clerval
3. What subject did Victor study as a boy? Natural philosophy (I believe it was the same as what he studied in college)… But he was reading about alchemists I think.. He might have been studying alchemy
Who were the three ancient scientists Victor read about? Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus.
At age fifteen, what event did Victor and an expert in natural philosophy witness? Am incredible lightning storm; the lightning destroys a tree
How did the expert’s explanation of galvanism and electricity affect Victor’s attitude toward the ancient scientists? Victor disregarded them and began to despise them. He thought they were phonies.
At age seventeen, into what university was Victor enrolled? Ingolstadt
What illness did Elizabeth develop? Scarlet Fever
What was the cause of Caroline’s death? Nursing Elizabeth, then she became sick
What subject did M. Krempe teach? Natural Philosophy
What was M. Krempe’s opinion of the ancient scientists Victor had read? He says that the studies of old alchemists were a waste of time and that he should begin his studies anew.
What subject did M. Waldman teach? Chemistry
What subject did M. Waldman suggest Victor study? Natural Philosophy
How many years did Victor spend studying without returning to Geneva? “Two years passed in this manner, during which I paid no visit to Geneva…” (Pg: 49)
What discovery did Victor make? He discovered how to animate dead flesh/organisms
How tall was the creature to be? 8 feet tall
Where did Victor find the “parts” for the creature? (three places) slaughter houses, charnel houses, dissecting rooms
In what month did Victor complete his experiment? November
For how long had Victor worked on this experiment? Two years
How did Victor react when he first encountered his creation? Disgust
Who did Victor meet by chance outside an inn? Henry Clerval
Of what did Victor speak while sick for several months with a nervous fever? He spoke of the monster that he created. (Pg: 60)
From whom was the letter that Clerval gave to Victor? Elizabeth Lavenza
What young orphan girl had returned to live with the Frankenstein family? Justine Moritz
How had Victor’s attitude toward his studies of natural philosophy changed? He was disgusted.
What subject did Clerval study at Ingolstadt? Oriental languages
What tragedy is related to Victor in the letter from his father? The murder of William
What object belonging to Caroline did William have that was missing? A locket containing a picture of Frankenstein’s mother
How many years had passed since Victor had been to Geneva? Six years
During the lightning storm, whom did Victor think he saw? The monster
Who was accused of the murder? Justine Moritz
Who had given William the miniature? Elizabeth Lavenza
Where had Justine spent the night when she was late getting back into the city? She had stayed at an Aunt’s house at Chêne (a city a league from Geneva)
Why did Justine confess? “I confessed, that I might obtain absolution” (Pg: 83) Her confessor had threatened her with excommunication and hellfire.
Victor contemplated suicide by drowning. Why didn’t he go through with it? He did not wish to cause his family any more pain.
To what village did Victor travel? Chamounix
What mountain did Victor look out at from his window? Mont Blanc
To what summit did Victor climb? Montanvert
Who did Victor meet on the summit? The Monster
To what Biblical characters did this individual compare himself? Adam, Satan?
To what did this individual want Frankenstein to listen? His story
What did the monster eat while he was roaming the woods? berries, acorns?
What did the monster see in the sky that gave him pleasure? The Moon.
How was the monster able to observe the family in the cottage? through small cracks in the hut and an old boarded window behind the cottage
From what physical handicap did the old man suffer? He was blind.
What were the names of the people in the cottage? (first and last if given) Felix, Agatha, Safie, De Lacey
What chores did the monster perform for the cottagers? he gathered wood for them

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