Frankenstein Review Questions

Justine Moritz Who is convicted for the murder of Victor’s younger brother William?
Waldman What is the name of the professor at Ingolstadt who first teaches Victor the methods of modern science?
Robert Walton To whom is Victor telling this story to?
successfully navigating the artic circle What is Robert Walton obsessed with doing?
in a hut on a glacier near Montanvert Where does Victor first have a conversation with monster?
Walton finds Victor on the northern ice and nurses him back to health How does Walton meet Victor?
She catches scarlet fever from Elizabeth How does Victor’s mother die?
Henry Who takes care of Victor when he falls ill after creating the monster?
his sister, Margaret Who does Robert Walton write his letters to?
Geneva Where is Victors family home located?
Ingolstadt Where does Victor attend university?
returns to Geneva What does Victor do when he hears of William’s death?
Nature is able to tranquilize him What eases Victor’s mind after becoming sickened by his creations actions?
The Delacy family Where does the monster learn from?
He describes him with great emotion and sees him as a great companion How does Robert describe Victor?
What is the first thing the monster asks of Victor? For him to listen before going on and hating him

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