Frankenstein Quiz 1

In Frankenstein, Victor changes from an optimistic, eager young man to one who is anxious and remoursful
Frankenstein is told using -First person point of view- Flashback
An epistolary novel always uses______to tell the story. letters
An example of “natural philosophy,” or the physical sciences, is anatomy
Courageous is to fearless as indefatigable is to tireless
In Frankenstein, why doesn’t Victor share with Robert what he discovered? Victor is afraid that it would lead to Robert’s destruction and misery.
In Frankenstein, when Victor sees the creature, he expresses all of the following EXPECT pride
In Frankenstein, after two years, Victor again sees the creature when he is walking during a storm and lightning flashes
In Frankenstein, who is the speaker of the following quote: “I wish that I were to die with you; I cannot live in this world of misery?” Elizabeth

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