Frankenstein Questions – Chapter 13

Whose arrival lifts Felix’s spirits? Predict who the stranger is, whys he has come, and why she seems to life Felix’s mood. Safie (a Turkish woman) arrives and lifts his spirits because they are in love and engaged to be married. She has come to be reunited with her lover, Felix, who helped her father escape from prison. She lifts Felix’s mood because he was worried that they would never be reunited due to the fact that her father does not want her to marry a Christian man. Her dad wants her to marry a Muslim.
Describe how Safie’s presence facilitates the creature’s ability to speak and read. Safie speaks a different language so the DeLacey family has to teach her to speak and read so the creature learns by observing this process.
Show how the creature demonstrates his fear of encountering humans. The creature usually hides like he does with the cottagers. He debates about how, when, and if to engage them. The creature has learned that people generally look upon him with fear and reject him due to his appearance.
Infer what the creature learns of the human spirit from Volney’s “Ruins of Empire”. He learns to understand the manners, governments, and religions of Modern Man, and is saddened and disappointed by the crimes and evil actions that human beings commit against one another.
What else does the creature learn about? He learn’s about man’s obsession with wealth ($$$) and class and is disgusted.
How does this knowledge make the creature ponder his place in the universe. He wonders what place he can have among such people, since he doesn’t own property, nor have money, nor a “class” since he does not know the circumstances of his birth.He now regards himself as a monster and an outcast and is now certain that the cottagers will reject him as well.
Evaluate how the creature’s reflections demonstrate his innate humanity. The creature instinctively likes the cottagers and is moved by their shows of apparent sorrow. Once he recognizes that their lives are a struggle, he performs tasks for them to make their lives a little easier.

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