Frankenstein Questions

Who is writing the letters? Captain Walton
To whom is Walton writing and what is their relationship? Margaret Saville who is his sister
Where is Robert Walton when he writes letter one? streets of st Petersburg
Where does Walton want to travel and why? to the artic.for fame, perhaps a new passages or new idea on magnetism
In letter 2 what does Walton reveal about himself? He is lonely and finds no company with his crew
How time has elapsed between letter 3 and letter 4 1 month
Why does the man picked up by the ship say he is there?What shape is he in? He is chasing someone and followed him to the artic.The man is gravely ill.
What sort of person does he seem to be? How does Walton respond to him? A very interesting person, who at times seems wild . Walton attends to his every need
How much time has elapsed when Walton begins writing? 2 weeks
How does the man respond to Walton’s project? The man feels Walton is going down the same path of destruction. Victor feels that it the same never ending obsession
How does Walton respond to the man’s project? Walton feels a need to record the man’s recitation of his project for he feels it will be important someday
What happen to Victor in the process? Victor loses all track of time and becomes completely obsessed in the process.
Why does Victor agree to tell his story He feels it could perhaps be a cautionary tale to help warn Walton of the evil of being obsessed in the pursuit of knowledge.
What is the mans background Do we know his name yet? Where is he from? A distinguished family from Geneva. We do not know his name
What is the story of the man’ s mother Caroline Beaufort? She is the daughter of his father’s friend who had become very poor. She labored to earn a little money but caring for her father put a strain on her ability to earn. When the father died the Victor’s father brought her back to Geneva to care for her and in two years she married him.
Why did the parents age differences make them closer? They know they don’t have much time together
How does the man feel towards his parents and what responsibilities does he feel they had towards him? He seemed to love and respect them. He felt they dotted on him and provided him with everything he needed..he describes an idyllic childhood …it was their job to direct him towards happiness or misery
Who is Elizabeth Lavenza and what is her story? Victor and his mom went into poor villages to do charity work. One day they saw a very different child in a family. Daughter of a nobleman whose mother died at childbirth and then the father was arrested. A peasant family who had offered to nursemaid her ended up keeping her. After talking to their priest they agreed to an adoption, because she was born to nobility she should live in nobility.
What gift does the man’s mother give him? The girl Elizabeth as a sister
Do we know the man’s name? Do we know the family name? Yes victor. No we do not know the family name.
Who is Henry Clevral and what is his relation to Victor? He is the only son of a merchant and good friend to Victor
Who is Cornelius Agrippa and how does Victor find out about him? Author of a book about natural philosophy and magic as best means to know god and nature……”science”….he happened to find a copy of the book
How does Victor’s father respond to Cornelius Agrippa and how does Victor respond to his father’s response? His father says it is worthless and don’t waste your time….Victor said if the father had fully explained that Agrippa had been discounted by modern science he wouldn’t have been interested in his writings and more
What sort of science is Victor learning? Alchemy natural philosophySupernatural, magic, the metaphysical
What would modern science say about Victor’s early studies? It is wrong…… it is irrelevant and doesnot make any sense
What happened when Victor saw the lightening destroy the oak tree and hears an explanation? Victor changed his opinion of Agrippa and others he had been studying and left natural history. He then took up mathematics and modern science.
Who does Victor credit for this change in direction? Who or what does Victor credit for his “utter and terrible destruction” His change of direction due to guardian angel. His terrible destruction is due to Destiny
What happens to Elizabeth and to Victor’s mother as a result of Elizabeth’s scarlet fever? How does this compare with the mother’s early history? Elizabeth became gravely ill but after her mother began to nurse her she survived. Victor’s mother however died. As in the past when Elizabeth’s father died after nursing her from a grave illness
Why does Victor’s Father send him to the university of Ingolstadt? How old is Victor then? His father thought he needed to complete his education and just because his mother died doesn’t mean he doesn’t need an education and get on with his life. He was 17.
What does Victor learn from M.Krempe? How does Victor respond to him and on what grounds? Is this a good basis for making such a decision? He learned he wasted his time studying the alchymists. He was told to study natural philosophy. although he had given up on those authors. He wasn’t going to take the opinion of gruff voiced man of an repulsive countenance. He decides to go back to alchemy. The man’s looks and voice are poor reason for his decision.
What does Victor learn from M. Waldman? How does Victor respond to him? How does Victor think of his older science as opposed to modern science? That modern science owes a debt to the older science he was studying. The alchemist went for the miraculous and got nothing as the modern scientists go for the small victory but as they shed light on how nature works they work miracles.
How does Victor respond to M Waldman? He responds very well. Victor like the way the professor carried himself and his voice.. In addition the professor did not discount his past studies.
How does Victor think of his older science as opposed to modern science? He felt less prejudice against modern science but still favors older science
What does Victors say he will do now? Become a student under M. Waldman
How well does Victor progress over the next two years? He did extremely well. His work astonished both his peers and professors
What does Victor become interested in and ultimately did he discover? He became interested in life and death. Specifically how life was started. He discovered ability to animate lifeless matter.
Will Victor share the knowledge with Walton? Why? No he will not tell. He doesn’t want Walton to be lead astray like he was. Victor now feels knowledge leads to destruction.
How does Victor go about creating a human being and what does he expect from this creation? After hesitated for quite awhile and then began collecting parts from graveyards, slaughter houses and charnel-houses. He figured he would be lauded as a creator and be worshiped.
How long does the task take? About a 2 years
How does Victor respond to the actual creation of life? He was repulsed
What surprises Victor about the way the creature he has brought life looks? He was astonished at how ugly it was, he thought it was going to be beautiful. Yellow skin, sunken rummy eyes dull of color, Hideous
What does Victor dream? How does it grow out of, comment on and even explain what Victor has done and been through? He saw Elizabeth in his college town and she turned into his dead mother hideously covered in maggots. It has to do with him working with death. And how he created a horrible monster.
What does the creature do? And how does Victor react? The creature went looking for him.Victor ran away and roamed the streets all night.
Whom does Victor meet arriving in a coach the next morning? Henry Clevral
What happens to Victor at the sight of his friend and for how long? He has a nervous breakdown and it lasted all winter into spring.
What is waiting for Victor when he finally recovers? A letter from Elizabeth
Who has nursed Victor during his illness? Henry Clerval
Who is Justine Moritz and what is her story? She is another adoptee by Victor’s mother. She was loved by her father but disliked by her mother. When the father died Victor’s mother could not leave the girl in that situation
What comments does Elizabeth make about about Justine’s social status and her position in Swiss society? That Justine was more on the servant level. She said Justine was treated more as servant except for the fact Victor’s mother had her educated.
What religion is Justine? Roman Catholic
Who is William and how old is he? Have we heard of him before? He is Victor’s brother and he is approximately 5 years old. We have not heard of him before.
What does Victor do after his recovery? Introduces Henry to the professors at the Uiverrsity
What is Clerval “Plan of Life”? To be a master of Oriental languages
When does Victor to plan to return home? Spring
What do Victor and Henry do while waiting for his father’s direction? Took a walking tour of the University town so Victor’s could say his goodbyes
What is waiting for Victor when he returns to his apartment? a letter from his father
What news does his father have for Victor? William has been murdered
How long has Victor been away from home? Six years
What happens the night Victor returns to Geneva? How did Victor respond? The Gate to the town were closed. He went for walk to the place where William was murdered
What does Victor see that night? His creature walking in the woods
What does Victor now believe happened to William? He thinks the creature killed William
What does Victor assume the nature of the creature? It is an evil depraved wretch
Who has been identified as the murderer and on what evidence? Justine because she had the picture of the mother that William had with him earlier in the day
How does Victor respond to this news? He gets very upset and states it is not her. He does say he knows who did kill William but will not say who.
Why doesn’t Victor say anything about the real murderer? If he did he would seem like a madman. No one would believe him. Also how do you explain what he did in creating the monster
What happens at Justine’s trial? How does Victor respond? She is found guilty. Victor got very upset and he is racked with further guilt
The next day why does Justine say she has confessed to the Murder of William? She confessed to receive absolution Being catholic she believed confession would give her a way into heaven.
How does Victor respond to Justine’s situation and Elizabeth’s anguish? He felt terrible guilt and melancholy he spends a lot of time alone. He feels the guilt of having caused all this
How does Victor respond to the days after Justine’s death? He is very upset. He didn’t sleep and wandered around numb to everything. He blames it on himself. He spends much of his time alone
How have Elizabeth’s views changed? She knows that Justine was innocent
What does Victor consider doing? Kill himself by slipping into the lake at night.
How well can the creature speak at this time of existence? The creature does not speak well at all. He sounds garbled and inarticulate
What does the creature learn about the people who live in the cottage? They seem to be a kind and loving family who are very poorThey were very unhappy about being poor and he felt guilt for taking their food.
Why is this related abck to the original creation? He wanted to play God. Not bringing life back but creating a child. A lot of motivation and curosity, cure disease…but be also be a God. but to do so means there is no God.
Why does Victor want to see him as a monster? He wants to see the Monster as evil so its creation goes against nature. and there would still be a God
First time for the creature to speak. What does he say? Is this what we expect from the creature? The monster speaks very eloquently about the curse of his life. He explains that Victor created him but deserted him as has everyone else. It is not your typical monster speech
What does the creature ask of Victor? Listen to me and be kind to me
Is he inherently evil and bloodthirsty as Victor has assumed? No the creature was kind till everyone turned on him
What will cause the creature to change? He changes due to the constant rejection by people
Does victor agree to listen to the creatures tale? Yes
What does Victor begin to feel?Where did they go? Victor started to feel compassion. Victor realizes the monster is a living breathing entity with wants and needs. So he went with him to the cabin in the mountain.
What does the creature remember of his earliest days? The overwhelming senstions due to sensory overload. Everything was blurry and confusing at first. It was very harsh on him. He gradually acclimated through sensations of light, dark, hunger and thirst
How does the creature seem to be learning things? He learns by watching and mimcing
How well can the creature speak at this point? Not well. He tried but it was harsh and inardiculate
How does the creature respond to his discovery of fire?Why does he move? He was happy with the light and heat it provided but didn’t like it when he put his hand in it. He started to cook his food. He had to move because food became scarce.
What happens during the creatures first encounters with people? The screamed and ran in terror. Some even thru stones at him and charged him
Is this more what like you expect from a horror story? Yes there is usually a scene of the villagers rioting and chasing off the monster.
From whose point of view do we see these encounters? Here we a hearing from the point of view of the monster usually we hear from the people under attack.
Where does he finally find a place to stay? A hovel attached to a small cottage, in the country
How does the creature feel towards them? He feel a kindness and liking towards them. He is also very curious about their life.
How does the creature continue to learn about the family he is watching He watches them through a chink in the wall
What is the condition of the family Very poor and are in despair over their plight.
How does the creature manage to help them? He tries to help by not stealing their food, getting fire wood and extra food
How does the creature learn language? the creature learns language by watching and studying the family. He realizes they communicate somehow and tries to mimic the sounds they make
What are the names of the family members? The brother and sister are Agatha and Felix
What things bother the creature when he thinks of discovering himself to the family? He thinks they will be repulsed just as all the other people repulsed him
How does the creature respond to his own appearance? He is shocked by his ugliness. He felt he was beautiful and could not believe how hideous he was
How does the creature hope to win over the family? By doing good deeds such as finding them extra food and wood
Who arrives in the cottage in spring? Safie
What is Safia”s background? She is the daughter of a rich Turkish man. Felix fell in love with her in the past
How does her language problem help the creature? Who learns quicker? He studies along with her closely. he learns faster because he is new to language and has nothing to unlearn, where Safia has to unlearn her old language
How does the creature learn about reading and What book does Felix use to teach Safie? He watch felix reading a book. Ruins of the Empire
How did the De lacey family come to live in the cottage? They got into trouble with the government and lost all their moneyFelix was attempting to help Safie’s father to escape from jail. They were stripped of their money and exiled.
How did Safia come to find and join them? She did not want to live in Turkey and she disobeys her father and escapes with some money and knowledge of Felix’s whereabouts
What does the creature find in the woods? A satchel containing clothes and books
What are the three books the creature reads and what does he learn from each? Plutarch’s lives he learns about history and conquering nationsSorrows of Werter he learns about about being kind to your fellow manParadise Lost he learn of God and his creation
What else does the creature read and what did he learn from it? Victor’s notes about his creation. He learns how Victor despised what he did in d0oing the experiment
What journey does Victor undertake and when? The valley of Chamounix. It was mid August almost 2 months since Justine was executed
What places does Victor travel thru and where does he stay? He travels through alpine valleys and stays in the village of Chamounix
Where does Victor go walking? He travels to the summit of Montanvert
Whom does Victor see? He sees his monster.
How does Victor respond? He goes on the attack. He threatens the monster and then jumps him.
Why has the creature caused the death of Justine and William? To hurt and seek revenge upon Frankenstein, as Victor deserted him after creating him.
What does he learn from this book? Some world history-some current knowledge of the various empires of the day, the various religions and governments.
How does he compare to the humans described in the book? He had no friends, no money and no property. even physically he was very different larger, stronger could subsist on a coarser diet.
What happens when the creature begins to think of himself? He reflects on his situation and realizes he is deformed and alone.
What question does he ask himself? Who was he and was he such a monster that he should be disowned
How does the monsters knowledge make him feel The knowledge made him feel wretched
What does he learn about human relationships and how does it make him feel? He learns about the pleasures and obligations of the family and human relations and it only deepen his agony due to his own isolation
How long has it been since the creature came to life? Entire revolution of seasons or one year
What does the creature hope will happen when he talks to De Lacey? That he will like him for the way he talks and since he is blind will not see him as a monster.
What actually happens? Felix comes in interrupting the monster talking to the father and chases the monster away.
How does the creature respond and what does he do to the cottage? He seeks revenge and he burns down the cottage
What event during his travels confirms his hatred of humans? He saves a girl from drowning but is then attack by the people who saw him with the girl
What happens to the DeLacey family after chp 15? They left the cottage even though they would still owe 3 months rent and crops.
How does the creature travel and does it remind you of anyone else? He travels by foot
What event happens near Geneva? Who is the boy? Who is the girl? William and the girl is Justine. The monster kills William thinking it is Victor’s son and plants the picture on Justine
Did the creature delight in carnage and misery? At first no but he was isolated more and more and did not know how to get proper attention
What did the creature demand from Victor? Make him a girlfriend
How does Victor at first respond to the creatures demand? He is repulsed and says no not going to make the same mistake twice.
What response does he expect from the creature? Victor expects the creature will torture him for his refusal
What approach does the creature say he will take? He will destroy Victor and all he loves
How effective is the creature in convincing Victor? Victor was moved and felt there was some justice in the creatures arguement
What does the creature say will happen if Victor creates a female? They will move to South America and even live as vegetarians. They will never come back or hurt anyone again
What does Victor decide? to make the creature a mate
What does the monster say he is going to do while he waits? He is going to leave and he is going to wait with anxiety
How does Victor appear and respond to his family when he returns? He appeared healthier and happier
Why does Victor’s father think that Victor might not want to marry Elizabeth over the years he has come to think of Elizabeth as a sister and perhaps he has fallen for someone else
Why does Victor want to go to England? there were some new men exploring he past subject Natural Philosophy and it is the perfect place to complete his project
What do you make of Victor’s talk of slavey? It must be ironic he is the creator but he is slave to the creature. he feels bound to do the creature’s bidding. He made his own slavery.
What the effect of Victors return to the present? he start to think about Henry and he apologizes for gushing about how he feels bout Henry
What are Clerval’s plans for a career? To go to India and use his knowledge of languages to help with colonization
Where does Victor’s journey end and what does he plan to do there? On a semi deserted isaland and in the northern wilds of Scotland, there he is going to create his femal monster
Why is he afraid? He is afraid the monster might hurt his family whle he is away
Why does Victor change his mind about creating the female? He changes his mind several times. 1st he feels sympaty then no regret and then he is threatened as is his family. But as he creates the female he remembers the current monster and he is repulsed as he wonders if this is the end of mankind
Who watches Victor as he destroys the female? The creature
What happens shortly after Victor destroys the female? The monster comes into the cottage and say he will destroy everythiing dear to Victor and Victor wants to leave
What happens when the creature visits Victor? He promises to destroy Victor and everything he cares for.
Who is Mr. Kirwin and how does he treat Victor the magistrate and he treats him with kindness
What happened to cause Victor’s arrest? How does Victor respond? Henry Clerval is murderedHe is utterly devastated
How is destroying the female the same as what happened when he created the creature? he was disgusted with what he saw and ran from the sight and hid in his bedroom
what does Victor understand that promise to mean? That the creature will kill his familyand him.
What happens when Victor when Victor wakes up? Who is there? The nurse is there. Victor remembers everything that happened
What happens at Victor’s trial? There was never trial as the grand jury rejected the bill because it was proved that Victor was on the Orkney. islands at the hour the body was found.
How does Victor feel as they leave Ireland and go to France? He starts to feel better only due to being lulled into a dull forgetfulness
Why doesn’t Victor get home quickly? The voyage took a lot of Victors, he was very weak and need to stop
What does Elizabeth say in her letter?.How does Victor respond She says she loves him and even she would give him to another if it made him happy. He says he promises, to stay to true.
What are the marriage plans? They are to get married in 10 days
What does Victor do to prepare for what he feels is going to happen He carries a pistol and a dagger
How do Victor and Elizabeth get to Evian and why do they stop there? They go by water and to rest
Has Victor understood the creature’s promise correctly and what happens on his wedding night? No he thought he was the intended victim but it was Elizabeth who was killed
How does the creature respond? He pointed at victor and the Elizabeth lying dead and smiled
What happens to Victor and his father when Victor returns to Geneva? Victor’s father dies and victor again falls into despair.
What happens when Victor tries to get the authorities to help find the creature? They mock him and send him on his way.
What happens during Victor’s pursuit of the creature? Where do they go? The monster taunted Victor and lead him to the Artic
What does the creature do? He writes taunting remarks edging Victor on
What does Victor ask Walton to do? To hunt down the creature
What does he warn Walton about the creature ? The creature speaks persuasively and he cannot be trusted.
Why wouldn’t Victor tell Walton the details about the creation? Victor didn’t want Walton to create another monster
How has Victor come to understand himself? He always had high ambitions for himself and even though he did gods work creating life he is nothing. He has fallen from grace.
How does Walton respond to Victors death? He feels he just found the friend he always wanted and now that fiend is dying.
How does Walton avoid mutiny ? He decides to sail back home instead of continuing northward.
Why is Walton returning to England?What will Victor do? To spare his men from the harsh trip. Victor. Want to continue to pursue the monster.
Does Victor blame himself? He feels he has fallen from grace but seems to blame destiny not his own free will
What is Walton’s response to Victor’s death? he is very upset and cries
What happens as Walton is writing he hears a gruff voice
When Walton sees the creature in the cabin it is like what scene? When Victor views Henry
Why has the creature come to see Victor? To see his dead creator
How does the creature explain what he has done? Humans turned on him so he turned on them
How does Walton respond to the creature? He feels for him but also remembers what Victor said about the monster to be a smooth talker
What will the Monster do next and how does he feel about it? commit suicide and he is calmly resolved
Do we see the monster die? no

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