Frankenstein Questions

According to Mary Shelley, what was the difference between her imagination and her writing when she was younger? her dreams were more fantastic and agreeable than her writings
Where and with whom was she when she started writing the novel Frankenstein? On vacation in Switzerland, with Lord Byron and Shelley (husband)
What challenge led her to the writing of the novel? contest of who could write the best ghost story
Why was she having trouble coming up with an idea? felt a lot of pressure
What discussions influenced the development of her idea? between Lord Byron and Shelley, about philosophical doctrine
What mental vision inspired her? the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together
Why does she have an affection for the story of Frankenstein? “it was the offspring of happy days, when death and grief were but words, which found no true echo in my heart”
With what statement does she begin the Preface? “the event on which this fiction is founded, has been supposed by Dr. Darwin and some of the physiological writers of Germany, as not of impossible occurrence”
What does she say she is trying to preserve? the truth of the elementary principles of human nature
Who are the letters addressed to? Margaret Saville in England
Who wrote the letters? Robert Walton
What is the relationship between writer and recipient? brother and sister
Where is Robert when he writes the first letter? St. Petersburg, Russia
What is his destination? in the North Pole/ Artic Region
What are his specific plans for his voyage? discover a passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic
How much time passes between the 1st and 2nd letters? 3 months
What is the one want that he has not been able to satisfy? he has no friends
What is the allusion in letter #2? Explain. Rime of the Ancient Mariner; he says he wont shoot a Albatross
What does he say influenced him to want to travel the ocean? the books he read in his uncle’s library
How much time passes between letters 3 and 4? 4 months
Describe the “strange incident” of letter 4 he see a very large man on a sled, and the next day he sees another man on a sled with all but one dog dead. he is weak and starving, he boards the ship and is cared for
What does Robert feel he has finally found? a friend
What does the wandered warn Robert against? becoming obsessed with one goal
Why does the wanderer want to tell his story to Robert? wants to be understood/ wants his story to serve as a lesson
Who is telling this part of the story? Victor Frankenstein
How did Elizabeth come to live with the Frankenstein’s? she was an orphan; Victors mother saw her and adopted her
What was Frankenstein’s relationship like with his parents? he adored them; they adored him; perfect relationship
What was Frankenstein’s relationship like with Elizabeth? he really liked her; thought of her as a possession
Who is Frankenstein’s closest friend? How are they different from each other? Henry Clerval; victor wants to learn truths of the world while Henry wants to save the world
What was one of the themes of the writers who influenced Frankenstein? ghosts and devils
What natural phenomena influenced Frankenstein? saw a lightning storm crack a tree and wanted to learn about electricity and galvanism
What two major events happened to Frankenstein when he was 17? -left home to attend University of Ingolstadt-his mother died of scarlet fever
What goal did Frankenstein decide to pursue? -to renew life in a corpse -“bestow animation upon lifeless manner”
At one point Frankenstein says, “A new species would bless me…” What does he imagine himself to be? a creator; “God”
What warning does Frankenstein give about being too passionate about something? you should feel calm and peaceful, if not, it could be dangerous
How did Frankenstein feel when his experiment succeeded and the creature came to life? horrified and disgusted
What words does Frankenstein use to describe his creation? Why? demonical corpse, depraved, repulsive, horrible, miserable, disgust, monster, ugly
What allusion is used to describe Frankenstein’s feeling about his creation? How can we compare Frankenstein with the speaker in this poem/ what do they have in common? The Rime of the Ancient Mariner; ran away and didn’t look back; sinned against nature
What happened to Frankenstein the day after he completed his creation? he became ill with a fever and delirium for several months
Who took care of Frankenstein? Henry Clerval
What did Clerval give Frankenstein when he was better? letter from Elizabeth
How did Frankenstein and Clerval spend the next several months? together “hanging out”, was calm and peaceful
What news did the letter from Frankenstein’s father bring? his little brother William was killed
What did Frankenstein see just outside the gates of Geneva as he was returning home? What truth does he know immediately? the monster he created; the monster killed William
How much time has passed since the night that the creature came to life? 2 years
Who, other than Frankenstein, feels responsible for the murder? Elizabeth
Who was accused of committing the murder, and why? Justine because she has the locket that Elizabeth gave to William
What was Frankenstein’s reaction to this accusation? feels guilty; tried to prove Justine innocent
What did Frankenstein do about his dilemma? appeals to the court for Justine and tried to prove her innocent
What happened to the accused person? Justine was convicted and hung
What was Frankenstein’s state of mind after the trial and its conclusion? he was filled with remorse and thought his creature would continue to kill
Where did Frankenstein go to seek relief? Alphine Valley and to the village of Chamounix
Whom did Frankenstein meet after he had ascended to the summit of Montanvert? his creature
How did Frankenstein react to this meeting? he is full of rage and horror, and wants to kill his creature
What did the creature want of Frankenstein? for Frankenstein to listen to his story
How did the creature feel when he first felt life? like a newborn, very confused because of all the new sensations
What was the reaction of the villagers the creature encountered? horrified and scared; they threw rocks and drove him away from the city
Where did the creature take shelter? a lean-to that was attached to a cottage
What observations did the creature make about the people in the cottage? they were all poor, sad, and hungry; cared for each other and were respectful to the elders
What does the creature learn to do, and how does he learn this? learns to talk and read by observing and listening to the De Lacey’s teaching
What was the elder De Lacey’s reaction when the creature entered the cottage and began speaking with him? welcoming and friendly; invites creature in his home and listens to his story
What was the reaction of the De Lacey family when they saw the creature? horrified and disgusted; Agatha fainted, Safie fled, and Felix hit him with a stick until he left
What did the creature do at the cottage when he returned and found that the De Lacey’s had moved out? he burned it down in rage
What was the reaction of the man whose daughter was saved from drowning by the creature? took the girl from the creatures arms and shot him when he pursued the pair
What discovery did the creature make when he approached another human? it was William Frankenstein
What did the creature do to this person? he strangled and killed him
How did the creature feel after his deed? happy that he was able to create pain and sadness for his creator
What did the creature tell Frankenstein about the locket? he put it in Justine’s pocket to frame her
What did the creature ask Frankenstein to do, and why? create a mate so he wont be alone and he wouldn’t be bad anymore
How did Frankenstein react to this request? refused at first, then attempted to create a female but destroyed it before it was finished
What threat did the creature make when he saw Frankenstein destroy his second creation? “I will be with you on your wedding night”
What happened to Frankenstein when he landed his boat? he was accused of murder
Who had been the creature’s most recent victim? Henry Clerval
What happened at Frankenstein’s trial? witnesses verified his location so he was acquitted and released
What event occurred next in Frankenstein’s life? his marriage to Elizabeth
What happened on Frankenstein and Elizabeth’s wedding night? the creature kills Elizabeth
What happened to Frankenstein’s father as a result of this latest tragedy? died of grief
What was the magistrate’s response when Frankenstein told him the entire story of the creature? he believed him but he didn’t think they could capture the creature
What did Frankenstein do after he left the magistrate? started his search to find and kill the creature
What request does Frankenstein make of Robert Walton? kill the creature if he ever has the chance to
What happened to Frankenstein at the end of the novel? died of natural causes
What happened to the creature at the end of the novel? kills himself after learning of his creators death; goes up north to die

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