Frankenstein Prologue

The novel begins with a series of letters in which the narrator of the novel is writing his thoughts and plans to his sister. Where is the narrator going? Why has he chosen to make this voyage? What does the narrator dream? What is his goal? The narrator is in St. Petersburg on his way to Archangel his voyage is to the north pole with the goal to understand earth magnetism, set foot on the new land, and find a new route of passage. His dream is to for fill his yearning for adventure.
Walton says he is a “romantic.” What is a romantic person like? A romantic is a person who is sentimental and aware of his or her emotions.
What evidence does Walton provide of his romantic leanings? Walton streams are difficult for others to relate to he is an explorer in a poet Walton speaks of incompleteness in his soul that is only going to be filled with adventure and friendship.
Aside from personal glory, what to benefits to mankind is Walton hope to achieve? Walton hopes to discover an understanding of how the magneticschism of the polls control the needles of compasses. In this expedition Walton wishes to be the first to safely travel farther than any man before.
Identify one example of foreshadowing. An example of foreshadowing is Waltons loneliness this hands at his discovery of Frankenstein and the friendship between the two.
How do Waltons letters illustrate the tension between 18th-century rationalism and 19th century romanticism? The ideals of both romanticism and rationalism failed to allow any understanding or open mindedness for the believes of the other party. At the core the beliefs directly clash. Walton is continuously shunned by the rationalists.
What is Walton’s impression of Frankenstein? Walton is shocked by Frankenstein. The Frankenstein was close to death he refused to enter the ship until his questions were answered. Walton was captivated by what he calls Frankenstein’s look of madness and how the man is also extremely kind.
How does Frankenstein react to Walton’s dreams/goals?
Why does Frankenstein decide to tell Walton his story? Frankenstein has suffered from InVision pride and the need for knowledge at any cost. Frankenstein wishes to share his story in the hopes that Walton will not make the same mistake.

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