Frankenstein Notes chapter 12

Who resides in the cottage? Felix and Agatha, who are siblings and the children of the old man, who is called father. He is blind. (he won’t be able to judge the creature since he can’t see)
What are the creature’s feelings about the family? *To the creature, it seems as if the family has everything. They have family, shelter, and food. *It’s much more than the creature has.*He doesn’t understand why Felix could be so sad
The family is suffering from extreme poverty. *the family, especially Felix is always sad•The creature helps the family by bringing them firewood each day. For this, they are very grateful.
What does the creature learn by observing the family? •The creature learns how to talk and understand words by listening and applying what he hears.•The creature wants to approach the family but believes he should learn to speak and read first. This will help him win over the family.• The creature is excited about learning and potentially winning over the family.

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