Frankenstein- Mary Shelley

Byronic Hero Mad, bad, and dangerous to know; this hero usually has a dark side, is quite flawed and often unlikeable.
Justine Moritz adopted into the Frankenstein family, blamed for William’s death and executed
Mr. Delacey He was the creature’s only friend, old blind man
Robert Walton Author of the letters in the beginning of the book.
Lightning the natural phenomena that influenced Frankenstein’s work
Alienation/Loneliness, Nature vs. Nurture, Appearance vs. Reality, Duty and Responsibility, Justice vs. Injustice, Forbidden Knowledge, Science vs. Nature, Fatherhood, Man as God (any of these is right) List one of the major themes in Frankenstein
It is written as a series of letters and narratives; a frame tale What is the structure of the novel
Robert Walton, he was in the arctic exploring the unknown Where was the author of the letters and why was he there?
He found Frankenstein on a small piece of ice How did Walton meet Frankenstein?
he liked Frankenstein and hoped they would eventually become friends How did Walton feel about his guest?
He tried to bestow animation on lifeless matter What goal did Frankenstein pursue at Ingolstadt
Horrified and Disgusted How did Frankenstein feel when his creature came to life
He became ill with a fever and delerium What happened to Victor on the day he brought the creature to life?
Henry Clerval Who took care of Frankenstein when he was ill?
That his brother William was murdered As Victor was recovering from his illness, what news did the letter from Frankenstein’s father bring?
The Creature What did Frankenstein see just outside the gates of Geneva as he was returning home?
Justine Moritz, because she had the locket that was given to William Who was accused of committing the murder, and why?
He thought Justine was innocent, and the creature was the murderer What was Frankenstein’s reaction to this accusation?
Decided not to tell, because no one would believe him What did Frankenstein do about his dilemma?
Hanged What happened to Justine?
That he was guilty, for he made the Creature What was Frankenstein’s state of mind after the trial and its conclusion?
The Creature Whom did Frankenstein meet after he had ascended to the icy summit of Montanvert?
Yelled and cursed at him. How did Frankenstein react to meeting the Creature on the mountain?
To listen to his story What did the creature want of Frankenstein?
Like a newborn, alone How did the creature feel when he first felt life?
Horrified, either attacked or ran What was the reaction of the villagers the creature encountered?
The forest, later a hovel Where did the creature take shelter?
They were very poor, but kind. What observations did the creature make about the people in the cottage?
To read, write, and speak, by watching Felix teach Safie What does the creature learn to do, and how does he learn this?
Friendly, welcoming What was the elder De Lacey’s reaction when the creature entered the cottage and began speaking with him?
Felix attacked him to protect his father What was the reaction of the De Lacey family when they saw the creature?
Horrified, shot the creature What was the reaction of the man whose daughter was saved from drowning by the creature?
That he could cause misery, too What discovery did the creature make when he approached another human?
Strangled him What did the creature do to this person?
To create a female creature, equally ugly, so that he wouldn’t be alone What did the creature ask Frankenstein to do, and why?
At first refuses, but then agrees How did Frankenstein react to this request?
That he will be with Frankenstein on his wedding night What threat did the creature make when he saw Frankenstein destroy his second creation?
He is accused of murder and arrested What happened to Frankenstein when he landed his boat?
Henry Clerval Who had been the creature’s most recent victim?
Private trial, with magistrate arranging defense What happened at Frankenstein’s trial?
Travels, and his wedding to Elizabeth What event occurred next in Frankenstein’s life?
The monster came in and killed Elizabeth What happened on Frankenstein and Elizabeth’s wedding night?
He died of grief What happened to Frankenstein’s father as a result of this latest tragedy?
Kindly disbelieving, makes excuses not to help What was the magistrate’s response when Frankenstein told him the entire story of the creature?
Go North to chase the creature What did Frankenstein do after he left the magistrate?
To turn back from his obsession What request does Frankenstein make of Robert Walton?
He dies What happened to Frankenstein at the end of the novel?
He goes North to die What happened to the creature at the end of the novel?
romanticism a movement in literature and art during the late 18th and early 19th centuries that celebrated nature rather than civilization. It was often highly emotional.
Noble savage uncivilized person who is really more worthy and sensible than his “civilized” counterpart
Mary Shelley author of “Frankenstein”
Percy Shelley gifted poet who drowned in a boating accident; his heart was removed and saved in a desk for 30 years

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