Frankenstein Letter 4

Walton experiences a strange occurance -the ship stalls between huge sheets of ice-Walton and his men spot a sledge guided by a gigantic creature about half a mile away.
The next day, Walton and his shipmates rescue a man that was floating on a piece of ice -emaciated, weak, and starving the man almost died.-they nurse him back to health-Walton is telling the story about finding this man to his sister Margaret through his letters. The man is Victor Frankenstein. Victor wanted to head North to find the gigantic man on the sled.
Walton finally finds a friend -Walton finds a friend in this this stranger-the stranger also bonds with Walton and only wants to talk to Walton-the stranger claims he got lost following a man that ran away from him.-the stranger wants to tell Walton of his own experiences hoping Walton can use them to benefit his own voyage

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