Frankenstein Letter 1-4

When was Letter 1 written? December 11th, 17-
Where was Letter 1 written? St. Petersburg, Russia
Who is writing Letter 1? Robert Walton
Who is Robert Walton writing Letter 1 to? His sister, Margaret Saville in England
What is Robert Walton’s expedition? To look for a passage
How many years of his own preparation has he waited for this? 6 years
In Letter 2, when did Robert Walton reach Archangel? March 28th, 17-
What is Robert Walton feeling through the beginning of his journey? Lonesome and wanting a companion/friend
In Letter 3, what does Robert reassure his sister of? His safety
What is the name of the ship Robert begins his journey on? Merchantman
When was Letter 3 written? July 7th, 17-
When was the first Letter in Letter 4 written? August 5th, 17-
When was the second Letter in Letter 4 written? August 13th, 17-
When was the third Letter in Letter 4 written? August 19th, 17-
What happens to Roberts ship in Letter 4? It gets stuck in an ice field far from land
How does Robert meet Victor? On July 31st when the crew sees a giant stature trailing fast along the icebergs, then finds Victor

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