Frankenstein Lesson 6 quiz 2

(Q-1)Frankenstein, which of the following words could be used to describe victor? Tormented
(Q-2)A glacier is a large body of ? Ice
(Q-3)In Frankenstein, the creature discovers all of the following except? A ship
(Q-4)In Frankenstein, the creature is terrified when he sees his reflection in? Water
(Q-5)In Frankenstein, what is one way the creature is different from man? He can survive more easily in extreme heat and cold
(Q-6)Frankenstein, although the Turk seemed grateful to Felix for helping him, he was really just concerned with? His own safety and return to turkey
(Q-7)In Frankenstein, after reading Victor’s journal, the creature exclaimed? “Hateful day when I received life”
(Q-8)In Frankenstein, the creature wants to kidnap William so that? He can befriend William and have a companion
(Q-9)In Frankenstein, as Victor listens to the creature’s story, he feels a mix is? Horror, hatred, and compassion
(Q-10)In Frankenstein, Victor agrees to make a female companion for the creature because? Victor thought the creature should have happiness and Victor was affairs of what the creature would do in revenge

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