Frankenstein Key Quotes

“fearless, and therefore powerful.” – Creature 3.3 “Beware; for I am […]”
“love, I will cause fear” – Creature 2.9 “If I cannot inspire […]”
“but I am rather the fallen angel.” – Creature 2.2 “I ought to be thy Adam; […]”
“but I am solitary and abhorred.” – Creature 2.7 “Satan had his companions, fellow-devils, to admire and encourage him; […]”
“The whole series of my life appeared to me as a dream” – Victor 3.4 “[…]; I sometimes doubted if indeed it were all true, for it never presented itself to my mind with the force of reality.”
“I am alone.” – Creature 3.7 “The fallen angel becomes a malignant devil. Yet even that enemy of God and man had friends and associates in his desolation; […]”
“misery made me a fiend. Make me happy, and I shall again be virtuous.” – Creature 2.2 “I was benevolent and good; […]”
“heaven and earth that I desired to learn” – Victor 1.2 “It was the secrets of […]”
“vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” – Victor 1.5 “For this I had deprived myself of rest and health. I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream […]”
“No: from that moment I declared everlasting war against the species, and, more than all, against him who had formed me and sent me forth to this insupportable misery.” – Creature 2.8 “There was non among the myriads of men that existed who would pity or assist me; and should I feel kindness towards my enemies? […]”
“they all died by my hands.” Victor 3.5 “William, Justine, and Henry- […]”
“I have no friend, Margaret:” – Walton Letter 2 “[…] when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate my joy”
“knowledge and wisdom”, “may not be a serpent to sting you, as mine has been.” – Victor Letter 4 “You seek for […], as I once did; and I ardently hope that the gratification of your wishes […]”
“how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge” – Victor 1.4 “Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, […]”
“pour a torrent of light into our dark world.” – Victor 1.4 “Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and […]”
“instantly informed me that it was the wretch, the filthy daemon to whom I had given life.” – Victor 1.7 “A flash of lightning illuminated the object, and discovered its shape plainly to me; its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect, more hideous than belongs to humanity, […]”
“bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us.” – Creature 2.2 “All men hate the wretched; how then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things! Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art […]”
“a blot upon the earth from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?” – Creature 2.5 “When I looked around I saw and heard of none like me. Was I, a monster, […]”
“be of the same species and have the same defects. This being you must create.” – Creature 2.8, cliffhanger ending “I am alone, and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me. My companion must […]”
“You can blast my other passions, but revenge remains” & “tyrant and tormentor” – Creature 3.3 “[…] – revenge, henceforth dearer than light of food! I may die, but first you, my […], shall curse the sun that gazes on your misery.”
“banished myself forever from my native country and wandered a friendless outcast over the earth than have consented to this miserable marriage.” – Victor 3.5 “If for one instant I had thought what might be the hellish intention of my fiendish adversary, I would rather have […]”
“I had prepared only my own death, I hastened that of a far dearer victim.” – Victor 3.5 “But, as if possessed of magic powers, the monster had blinded me to his real intentions; and when I thought that […]”
“when all human kind sinned against me?” – Creature 3.7 “Was there no injustice in this? Am I to be thought the only criminal, […]”
“tranquility and avoid ambition” – Victor 3.7 “Seek happiness in […]”
“an enthusiasm which elevates me to heaven” – Walton Letter 1 “I feel my heart glow with […]”
“my soul which I do not understand.” – Walton Letter 2 “There is something at work in […]”
“determined heart and resolved will of man?” – Walton Letter 3 “What can stop the […]”
“pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.” – Frankenstein 1.3 “So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein — more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will […]”
“the principle of life proceed?” – Victor 1.4 “Whence, I often asked myself, did […]”
“a hurricane, in the first enthusiasm of success.” – Victor 1.4 “No one can conceive the variety of feelings which bore me onwards, like […]”
“the miserable monster whom I had created.” – Victor 1.5 “I beheld the wretch – […]”
“I was shut out from intercourse with them, except through means which I obtained by stealth” – Creature 2.5 “I admired virtue and good feelings and loved the gentle manners and amiable qualities of my cottagers, but […]”
“form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust?” – Creature 2.7 “Accursed creator! Why did you […]”
“shone in mockery” – Creature 2.8 “The cold stars […]”
“havoc and destruction around me, and then to have sat down and enjoyed the ruin.” – Creature 2.8 “I, like the arch-fiend, bore a hell within me, and finding myself unsympathized with, wished to tear up the trees, spread […]”
“those whom we have lost to those who yet live.” 3.5 “Heavy misfortunes have befallen us, but let us only cling closer to what remains, and transfer our love for […]”
“pride of wisdom! Cease; you know not what it is you say.” 3.6 “‘Man,’ I cried, ‘how ignorant art thou in thy […]”
“endure the violence of the change without torture such as you cannot even imagine.” – Creature 3.7 “My heart was fashioned to be susceptible of love and sympathy, and when wrenched by misery to vice and hatred, it did not […]”
“the last of human kind whom these eyes will ever behold.” – Creature 3.7 “Farewell! I leave you, and in you […]”
“ice, which closed in the ship on all sides” Walton letter 4 “Last Monday (July 31st) we were nearly surrounded by […]”
“Strange and harrowing must be his story, […]” Walton letter 4 “[…] frightful the storm which embraced the gallant vessel on its course and wrecked it – thus!”
“I beheld the accomplishments of my toils.” – Frankenstein 1.5 “It was on a dreary night of November that […]”
“grief and fear again overcame me.” – Frankenstein 1.7 “Yet, as I drew nearer home, […]”
“dark mountains, I felt still more gloomily.” – Frankenstein 1.7 “Night also closed around; and when I could hardly see the […]”
“I foresaw obscurely that I was destined to become the most wretched of human beings.” – Frankenstein 1.7 “The picture appeared a vast and dim scene of evil, and […]”
“He was soon borne away by the waves, and lost in darkness and distance.” – Walton 3.7 (last line) “He sprung from the cabin window, as he said this, upon the ice raft which lay close to the vessel. […]”
“lake, making it appear like a vast sheet of fire” – Frankenstein 1.7 “Vivid flashes of lightning dazzles my eyes, illuminating the […]”
“more hideous than belongs to humanity, instantly informed me that it as the wretch, the filthy daemon to whom I had given life.” – Frankenstein 1.7 “A flash of lightning illuminated the object, and discovered its shape plainly to me; its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect, […]”
“Inspirited by this wind of promise, my day dreams become more fervent and vivid.” – Walton letter 1 “This breeze, which has travelled from the regions towards which I am advancing, gives me a foretaste of those icy climes. […]”
“original era of my being; all the events of that period appear confused and indistinct” – Creature 2.3 “It is with considerable difficulty that I remember the […]”
“death she was to be mine only.” – Frankenstein 1.1 (last line) “my more than sister, since till […]”
“immutable laws had decreed my utter and terrible destruction.” – Frankenstein 1.2 (last line) “Destiny was too potent, and her […]”
“engaged, heart and soul, in the pursuit of some discoveries which I hoped to make.” – Frankenstein 1.4 “Two years passed in this manner, during which I paid no visit to Geneva, but was […]”
“effect of any human endeavour to mock the stupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world.” – Introduction “Supremely frightful would be the […]”
“my day dreams have become more fervent and vivid.” – letter 1 “Inspirited by this wind of promise, […]”
“when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate in my joy” – letter 2 “I have no friend, Margaret: […]”
“heart and resolved will of man?” – letter 3 “What can stop the determined […]”
“the gratification of your wishes may not be a serpent to sting you, as mine has been.” – Frankenstein, letter 4 “You seek for knowledge and wisdom, as I once did; and I ardently hope that […]”
“joy for no misdeed. Everywhere I see bliss, from which I alone am irrevocably excluded.” – Creature “I am thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from […]”
“very existence of the species of man a condition precarious and full of terror.” – Victor “A race of devils would be propogated upon the earth who might make the […]”
“pursued nature to her hiding-places.” – Victor “unrelaxed and breathless eagerness, I […]”
“malignant than her mate… And delight, for its own sake, in murder and wretchedness.” – Victor “she might become ten thousand times more […]”
“fought and conquered, and who know not what it is to turn their backs on the foe.” – Victor “Oh! Be men, or be more than men… Return as heroes who have […]”
“cowardice and indecision; I come back ignorant and disappointed.” – Walton “Thus are my hopes blasted by […]”
“tore to pieces the thing on which I was engaged.” – Victor “trembling with passion, [I…]”
“grown pale with study” – Victor “my cheek had […]”
“grave or tortured the living animal to animate the lifeless clay” – Victor “dabbled among the unhallowed damps of the […]”
“disturbed, with profane fingers, the tremendous secrets of the human frame.” – Victor “collected bones from charnel-houses and […]”
“bless me as its creator and source” – ch4 “A new species would […]”
“dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room” – ch5 “I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the […]”
“fair exotic is sheltered by the gardener” – How Victor describes his mother, objectified as an “exotic” flower. “He strove to shelter her, as a […]”
“exquisitely beautiful.” “She [Justine] was dressed in mourning, and her countenance, always engaging, was rendered, by the solemnity of her feelings, […]”
“yet I see no room for hope.” – Justine ch8 “I commit my cause to the justice of my judges, […]”
“I became nervous to a most painful degree” “Every night I was oppressed by a slow fever, and […]”
“instigated me to toil and revenge” – Victor, supernatural “The spirits of the dead hovered round and […]”
“helpless, and alone.” “I was wretched, […]”
“when I found that in doing this I inflicted pain on the cottagers, I abstained” – Creature “I had been accustomed, during the night, to steal a part of their store for my own consumption, but […]”
“sublime ecstasy that gave wings to the soul and allowed it to soar” – Victor & the setting The “unstained snowy mountain-top” “filled me with a […]”
“some entirely destroyed, others bent” – foreshadows Creature, could link to the “utterly destroyed” “beautiful oak” after a “flash of lightning” from ch2 “trees lie broken and strewed on the ground, […]”
“whom to bring up to good, and whose future lot it was in their hands to direct to happiness or misery” – Victor (a double to the creature’s “I was benevolent and good; misery made me a fiend” “I was their plaything and their idol, and something better – their child, the innocent and helpless creature bestowed on them by heaven, […]
“restore happiness to these deserving people” – Ch12, Creature mirrors Frankenstein’s well-meaning desire to “renew life”. “I thought (foolish wretch!) that it might be in my power to […]”
“I almost began to think that I was the monster that he said I was.” – Justine mirrors Creature “Ever since I was condemned, my confessor has besieged me, he threatened and menaced, until […]”
“beauties of the setting sun” – Clerval mirrors the Creature: “My spirits were elevated by the enchanting appearance of nature” “Joyful when he saw the […]”
“yellow eye of the creature open; it breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs.” ch5 “I saw the dull […]”
“nearly fulfilled” – Victor, cyclical theme of fate “My fate is […]”
“the miserable monster whom I had created.” “I beheld the wretch, […]”
“What was I?” – The creature “Who was I? […]”
“monster that I am, I was filled with the bitterest sensations of despondence and mortification.” – The creature “At first I started back, unable to believe that it was indeed I who was reflected in the mirror; and when I became fully convinced that I was in reality the […]”
“animated smiles of the charming Arabian, were not for me.” – The creature, 2.5 “The gentle words of Agatha and the […]”
“uncouth and inarticulate sounds which broke from me frightened me into silence again.” – the Creature, Glenn Ligon ‘Study for Frankenstein 1992’ “Sometimes I wished to express my sensations in my own mode, but the […]”
“superstition or to have feared the apparition of a spirit.” – Frankenstein, 1.4 “I do not ever remember to have trembled at a tale of […]”
“dashed me to the ground and struck me violently with a stick. I could have torn him limb from limb, as the lion rends the antelope. But my heart sank within me as with bitter sickness, and I refrained.” – Creature, 2.7 “Felix darted forward, and with supernatural force tore me from his father, to whose knees I clung, in a transport of fury, he […]”
“Do you share my madness?” – Victor “Unhappy man! […]”
“I held the corpse of my dead mother in my arms” – Victor, 1.5 “her features appeared to change, and I thought that […]”
“such loathsome yet appalling hideousness.” – Walton, 3.7, Shelley breaks the framing structure by having Walton see the creature himself without the narrative of Frankenstein, brings the horror of the gothic monster closer to the reader. “Never did I behold a vision so horrible as his face, of […]”
“I am interrupted.” 3.7 What Walton quote shows Shelley attempting to disturb her audience with a disruption in the narrative?
“companion had lighted, he thus began his tale.” – 2.2 “seating myself by the fire which my odious […]”

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