Frankenstein Final Test

Victor Frankenstein When he was seventeen his mother died and went away to university to study. During his years of study and long absences from his family, he created the monster with the influence of lightening .
Henry Clerval Frankenstein’s best friend who nurses him back to health when he gets sick and always looks forward to seeing him. He is killed by the creature and Victor is wrongly accused of his murder.
Robert Walton captain of the ship that rescues Victor, writes a series of letters to his sister relating Victor’s story
Margaret Seville Robert Walton’s sister, she received letters relating Victor’s story
Felix De Lacey Lives in the cottage, the creature views him as a role model and teacher. He helps his father, who is blind. His sister’s name is Agatha and his wife’s name is Safie.
Alphonse Frankenstein Victor’s father, he dies of grief towards the end of the novel
Caroline Beaufort Victor’s mother, dies when Victor is 17 years old.
William Frankstein Victor’s younger brother. He is killed by the creature and Justine is falsely accused of his murder.
Justine Moritz Lived with the Frankenstein family, she was falsely accused of the murder of William
Elizabeth Lavenza Adopted at a young age by the Frankenstein family. Initially, she fears Victor is in love with someone else. However, he tells her he has a deep secret that he will only reveal after their wedding. She marries Victor and is killed on her wedding night.
The creature Created by Victor Frankenstein, he learned to speak and read by observing the De Lacey family. After he was rejected by many humans, he was miserable and insisted that Victor create a female companion for him. He threatens to “be with Victor on his wedding night” after Victor destroys his companion. At the end of the novel, he runs away to the Arctic to commit suicide.
What book is the monster inspired by? Paradise Lost
Adversary Enemy or opponent
Ardent Passionate
Pilgrimage Long journey for a spiritual purpose
Traverse To travel across
Venerable Worthy of respect and reverence
Discern To detect or perceive
Countenance Facial expression
Flagrant Highly offensive
Consternation State of confusion
Inexorable Unyielding
Insurmountable Impossible to overcome
Pensive Deep in thought
Dauntless Fearless
Torpor A state of inactivity or apathy
Harrowing Extremely distressing
Fiend Evil spirit or devil
Vengeance Punishment inflicted in return for wrong
Irrevocable Impossible to change
Perserverence Steady persistence
Irksome Annoying
Benevolent Showing charity
Commiserate To express sympathy
Enigmatic Puzzling
Wantonly Maliciously, without restraint
Consolation Something that eases sorrow or disappointment
Illustrious Very distinguished
Omnipotent All-powerful
Omen A sign of future good or evil
Conjecture To guess using the available evidence
Malicious Deliberately harmful

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