innocent Verdict at Victor’s trial
Confusion Creature’s first feeling
Geneva Home of Frankenstein family
Safie Left father to marry Felix
Locket Incrimination evidence
Henry Frankenstein’s best friend
Disgust Frankenstein’s feeling after creation
Life What Frankenstein wanted to create
Alps Meeting site for creature and creator
Read What Felix taught creature to do
Creature Miserable wretch
Three Number of creature’s victims
Victor The creator
Female Creature’s request of Frankenstein
Mary Author of Frankenstein
Moritz Wrongly executed
Lacey Creature asked for his friendship
Letters Intended for Margaret Saville
Friendship Creature wanted this from humans
Scotland Frankenstein abandoned creation plans here
Chemistry Subject studied by victor
Ingolstadt Site of original creation
Caroline Frankenstein matriarch
Felix Taught safie and the creature
Guilty Verdict at Justine’s trial
Scarlet Killed Victor’s mother
Food Hard for creature to find
Krempe Unfriendly professor
Byron Proposed writing ghost stories
Elizabeth Married victor
Arctic Creature last seen here
Prometheus Frankenstein compared to him
Percy His discussions influenced his wife
Cornelius Influential author
Ernest Wanted military career
Remorse Frankenstein’s feeling about Justine
Waldmen Introduced victor to natural philosophy
Kirwin Friendly Irish magistrate

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