Frankenstein Chapters 6-8

A letter from his father and cousin, requesting a letter in his own handwriting. Henry has nursed him. What is waiting for Victor when he finally recovers? Who has nursed him during his illness?
Justine’s father died and her mother treated her poorly. Elizabeth’s aunt (Caroline) saw this and allowed her to live at their house at 12 years old. She was a servant in their house, but not like a servant in France or England where they are ignorant and sacrifice the dignity of a human being. Victor really liked Justine. When Caroline died, she went home to her mother, who blamed her for the death of her siblings. Her own mother died, and she has returned to live with the Frankensteins. She is a Roman Catholic. Who is Justine Moritz and what is her story? What comments does Elizabeth make about her position in Swiss society? What religion is Justine?
William is Victor’s little brother. Tall for his age, blue eyes, dark eyelashes, curly hair, dimples, and rosy cheeks. He’s 5 years old. Who is William and how old is he?
He introduces Clerval to some of the professors at the university. He steers clear of everything pertaining to natural philosophy. Clerval changes his apartment and removed all of Victor’s scientific instruments. Clerval’s plan of life is to study and become a master of the oriental languages, which sounds appealing to Victor. What does Victor do after his recovery? What is Clerval’s “plan of life”?
The latter end of autumn. Harsh winter storms delayed Victor’s departure until the following spring. Clerval suggests a pedestrian tour of the environment around Ingolstadt, spending two weeks hiking around the mountains before returning home. When does Victor finally plan to return home? What do he and Clerval do while waiting for his father’s direction?
A letter from his father, stating that William has died (he was murdered). They had went on a walk and Earnest & William left the group, but William never returned. Victor’s father, Alphonse, found William’s body. Elizabeth blames herself for William’s death. Victor is extremely agitated and bitter. Victor decides he must immediately go back to Geneva. What is waiting for Victor when he returns to his apartment? What news does his father have for him? What is his father’s name? How does Victor respond to the news?
6 years. He goes to visit the place that William was murdered at. A huge storm comes, and Victor cries out that the storm is William’s funeral and the way that nature honors death. How long has Victor been away from home? What happens the night he returns to Geneva? How does he respond?
The monster he created, they see each other on Mont Saleve. The last time they saw each other was when Victor gave life to him, about 2 years ago. Whom does Victor see that night? When was the last time they saw each other? How long ago was that?
Victor now believes that the monster was the one who murdered William. He thinks the monster is a “depraved wretch” who delights in “carnage and misery.” He imagines the monster committing other heinous acts of evil. What does Victor now believe happened to William? What does Victor assume about the nature of the creature?
Justine Moritz. On the morning that William’s body was found, Justine was sick in bed for a few days. She was very confused. Another servant found the picture of Victor’s mother in Justine’s pocket, which used to belong to William and was thought to be the temptation of the murderer. Victor knows that Justine is innocent, and insists he knows the murderer, and they don’t. Victor knows the true story of the murderer would sound ridiculous and unbelievable. Who has been identified as the murderer, and on what evidence? How does Victor respond to the news? Why doesn’t he say anything about the real murderer?
It’s revealed that she was out the night of the murder, she was near the area where the body was found, and when asked what she was doing, she responded that she was looking for the child. She was shown a picture of the body and sent into violent hysterics that kept her in bed for several days. Justine said that on the night of the murder, she was actually at her aunts house outside of Geneva, and came back into town and heard the news of the missing William. Victor, full of agitation and anguish, is reassured that Justine did not murder William. He feels very remorseful and cannot bear that the monster murdered his brother and an innocent woman is being condemned. The moment Victor sees that the judges had already condemned Justine, he ran out of the courtroom. What happens at Justine’s trial? How does Victor respond?
The priest threatened to excommunicate her and she’d go to hell if she continued to deny her guilt. While visiting Justine in the prison room, Victor is curled up in the corner to hide the anguish in his face. He felt deep and bitter agony, while Justine has accepted her death. Because Victor knows the truth of who killed William, he says he will never have hope or consolation. He had deep-rooted anguish and despair. Victor blames himself for Elizabeth and his father’s anguish. The next day, why does Justine say she has confessed to the murder of William? How does Victor respond to Justine’s situation and to Elizabeth’s anguish?

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