FRANKENSTEIN Chapters 11-16 Study Guide Questions

What does the creature remember of his earliest days? How does he seem to be learning things? How well can the creature speak at this point of his existence? His senses weren’t separated and he had to have them happen to him for him to learn. He was filled with pain and misery at the knowledge that he was so desolate.
How does the creature respond to his discovery of the fire? Why does he move? He discovers that the fire provides light and warmth, but also feels pain. He moves because he must search for food.
What happens during his first encounters with people? Is this more like what you expect from a horror story? But from whose point of view do we see these encounters? When he encounters people, they scream, run away, faint, or try to harm him. Yes. These encounters are told through the creature’s point of view.
Where does he finally find a place to stay? What does he learn about the people who live in the cottage? How does he feel toward them? He finds a small kennel next to a cottage. He learns of music for the first time, as well as words and language. He feels a mixture of pain and pleasure.
How does the creature continue to learn about the family he is watching? How might a modern anthropologist or sociologist respond to the creature’s methods? What is the condition of the family? How does the creature manage to help them? The creature studies their daily routines. He thinks they have all luxuries of life, but then realizes that they are very poor. He clears the snow from their walk and leaves supplies of wood for the family.
How does the creature learn language? Why might he have trouble learning words such as “good, dearest, unhappy”? He learns the words for food and objects. Abstract nouns and some adjectives are difficult to understand because they usually refer to or modify a condition, not a person, place, or thing.
What are the names of the family members? Who are Agatha and Felix? The old man is not named. Agatha and Felix are brother and sister.
What things bother the creature when he thinks of discovering himself to the family? How does he respond to his own appearance when he sees it? He fears the family will be horrified by him. He sees his reflection and notices how ugly he is compared to the beautiful humans.
What is a unique quality of one of the members of the family that would make it possible for the creature to reveal himself? The unnamed man’s disability is that he’s blind.
How does the creature hope to win over the family? How does he respond to the coming of spring? He wants to learn to speak. Spring fills him with joy and hope.
Who arrives at the cottage in the spring? What is this person’s background? How does her language problem help the creature? Which one of them learns faster? Safie is from Turkey. Her father is wrongly accused and thrown into prison. Felix falls in love with her and teaches her French. The monster observes the reading lessons and learns faster than Safie.
How does the creature learn about reading? What book does Felix use to teach Safie? Felix teaches Safie how to read with Volney’s “Ruins of Empires”.
What does the creature learn from this book? How much of a monster can someone be who can say “but when I heard details of vice and bloodshed, my wonder ceased, and I turned away with disgust and loathing”? The creature learns all about the history of civilization and all the wars man has waged on one another.
What happens when the creature begins to think about himself? How does he compare with the humans described in the book? What questions does he ask himself? How does his knowledge make him feel? The creature realizes he is the only one in existence. Like himself he is monstrously ugly and he is utterly alone. He asks, “What am I?” and “Who am I?” He feels absolute misery.
What does he learn about human relationships, and how does this make him feel? The creature learns about families and their love for one another. He longs for companionship and feels wretched.
How did the DeLacey family come to be living in the cottage? The Delaceys fled France after trying to help Safie’s father escape.
How did Safie come to find and join them? She found letters intended for her father that included the directions to Felix.
What does the creature find in the woods? Finds a suitcase and some books.
What are the three books that the creature reads, and what does he learn from each of them? Plutarch’s “Lives”, Goethe’s “Sorrows of Werter”, and Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. He learns of man’s cruel history of war in “Lives”, of man’s melancholic nature in “Sorrows of Werter” and the noble thoughts of man in “Paradise Lost”.
What else does the creature read and what does he learn from it? Victor’s notes and he learns who is creator is.
How has the DeLacey family changed, since the arrival of the creature? They were depressed, yet they masked it with benevolent feelings. After he arrives, the DeLaceys became a lot happier.
What does the creature hope will happen when he talks to DeLacey? What actually happens? He hopes he will be befriended. They are horrified instead.
What happens to the DeLacey family after the events of chapter 15? How does the creature respond, and what does he do to the cottage? They moved out of the cottage and the creature never sees them again. Then the creature burns the cottage to the ground.
How does the creature travel? Does this remind you of any other people’s travels? The creature travels on foot. He walks through the forest utilizing what parts of nature he can to sustain and protect himself.
What event during the creature’s travels confirms his hatred of humans? The creature’s hatred of humans stemmed from them not associating themselves with him. He became miserable and full of rage. He vowed revenge against the man who created him, Victor Frankenstein.
What event happens when the creature is near Geneva? Who is the boy? Who is the woman? The creature encounters a small boy and wants to raise him to not hate the monster. The boy is William Frankenstein. The boy screams at the monster, and the monster kills him with his bare hands. The monster finds Justine sleeping in a barn and plants the necklace in her pocket.
When Victor visits the site of William’s death in chapter 7, he says, “I had turned loose into the world a depraved wretch, whose delight was in carnage and misery.” After reading the creature’s version of events, do you agree? The creature frequently says he will leave all men alone once he has a companion.
What does the creature demand from Victor? The creature demands a female mate.
Why was DeLacey imprisoned? Because of his religion.
When the creature approaches the DeLaceys, they react differently. How do they react? Agatha screams, Felix attacks, and Safie faints.

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