Frankenstein Chapters 1-10 Quiz

Victor speaks in what person? First
Everytime Victor speaks it’s in relation to what? Himself
What kind of family structure did Victor have? Traditional
Victor’s parents adopt who? Elizabeth
Victor and Elizabeth become by close friends and oftentimes people call them ___________ rather than siblings Cousins
What is the theme of chapter 2? Quest for knowledge leads to destruction
Victor is predisposed to what? (even as a young man) Secrecy
Victor proclaims to have a __________ childhood Perfection
Victor becomes fascinated with Laws of nature
Who is Victor’s close friend from a very young age, and they have similar ambitions? Henry Clerval
What happens to make Victor realize that the laws of science are beyond human understanding? He observed a lightening strike a tree
Victor decides to focus on studies based ___________ rather than natural philosophy. on fact, like mathematics,
For victor what substitutes people? Knowledge
Elizabeth catches what that passes on to Victor’s mother who passes away from it Scarlet Fever
Victor is grief stricken and….. leaves for Ingolstadt in Germany to attend university
How many years does victor go without going home? 2
Victor has no respect for? Natural boundaries
Victor loses the ability to feel Remorse
Victor discovered the secret to Creating life
Victor decides to create a Perfect creature
Chapter 5 theme Abandonment/parenting
After creating the creature, victor is Horrified of what he has done
The creature emerges and is Non-violent, happy, and shy
When the creature becomes alive we are to see him as a Child
After creating the creature , victor sees the creature as a Monster
Victor runs away from the monster and hope he Doesn’t come back
Henry Clerval checks on victor since he now has nervous fever, and makes him do what? Write a letter to his father and family
Elizabeth shows herself as _______ like Caroline Gentle
In Elizabeth’s letters she updates victor on what? Justine Moritz, a former servant of the Frankensteins, has come to live with them after the death of her mother.
Victor gives up studies for a while, and studies what with Clerval Middle East language
Victor is STILL self centered
We see the creature through (ch.7) Frankensteins eyes
Victor keeps the creature secret to preserve Reputation and save face
Victor receives a letter from his father saying that his youngest brother, William, has been murdered
Who killed William? The monster
Who is accused of the murder of William and why? Justine and she is accused because she had a portrait of victors mother that had been missing from William
Victor feels guilty why? He is the reason his brother is dead, and someone innocent is getting the blame for it.
What did Victor tell Justine why she wouldn’t be found guilty? Just from circumstantial evidence
Justine is forced to what? Plead guilty
When Victor and Elizabeth visit Justine what does she say? She is ready to die
Justine calls the world what? Sad and bitter world
I’m chapter 9 Victor is Suicidal
Creature begs for Compassion
Theme in chapter 10 Parenting
What makes the creature? Victors abandonment
The creature turns to what to get Victor’s attention Violence

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