Frankenstein Chapter 7-8

What function do letters serve in this and previous chapters? Provides background knowledge. Also details what has happened while VF has been gone.
What briefly lifts victors spirit on his journey home? Why is this significant? Victor’s childhood memories of Geneva and admiring the nature lift his spirits. This is significant because these are romantic ideals.
Why does Elizabeth believe that she is responsible for Williams death? Elizabeth feels responsible for Williams death because she gave William a valuable necklace that might have been motive to kill him
What is Gothic about Frankenstein’s encounter with the creature Victors encounter with Frankenstein is Gothic because it happen during dark, gloomy thunderstorm at night.
What is depicted in the picture above the Frankenstein’s mantelpiece? The picture is of his mother weeping at her fathers coffin and the other picture was of Victor.
Why does in Frankenstein take the blame for Justine? Frankenstein doesn’t take the blame for Justine because he cannot tell his story since probably no one would believe him and his monster is still on the loose and it would cause panic.
Why does Elizabeth speech in court hurt Justine? Elizabeth speech in court hurts just teen because it makes her seem like a cold hearted person.
What is revealed about Justin’s character in these chapters? Justine is revealed as a strong character despite her fast and that he is a good religious person.
Do you think Frankenstein is as guilty as he feels he is? What do you think he’s guilty, if anything? Yes because his creature is causing more harm than good. It is making Victor go crazy and it is murdering his family members. I believe he is guilty of playing God and it backfired. His creation of life is anything but good.
How do the reactions of Victor and his family to Williams murder illustrate romantic principles.? Victor’s family was emotionally intense and the romantics Believe in God and heart emotion over the brain.

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