Frankenstein Chapter 5 & 6 Questions

How is the night that the creature is born an example of Gothic prose? It is dark and rainy. The candle is nearly burned out. Overall, a very creepy setting.
What is ironic about the creature’s physical appearance? Victor says he selected the features to be beautiful, but the composite effect is grotesque
What is romantic about the creature’s physical appearance? The creatures very grotesqueness is Romantic. Additionally, his flowing black hair and pearly white teeth makes him resemble the Byronic hero
How does Dr. Frankenstein feel about this creation? What does he do after the creation comes to life? Breathless horror and disgust fill his heart when he sees his creature. He runs from the room.
What event is foreshadowed in the beginning of chapter 5? Frankenstein has a dream about Elizabeth’s death.
What does Frankenstein feel when the creature reaches out to him? What do you think is the creature’s reason for reaching out for Dr. Frankenstein? Frankenstein feels repulsion and disgust when the creature tries to make contact. Shelley is depicting the poignancy of the creature’s reaching out for the creator. (Think of God and Adam in the Sistine Chapel)
What is most likely the cause of Victor’s reaction to his success? Victor is repulsed by the creature’s physical ugliness, but the true horror is in the fact that he has overstepped his bounds as a human being.
In Elizabeth’s letter to Victor there is one example of Shelley’s support for the revolution in France and republican society. Identify the passage. “The republican institutions of our country have produced simpler and happier manners, those which prevail in the great monarchies that surround it.”
What do you learn about in Elizabeth’s letter through plot exposition? We learn the history of Justine, the young girl who once lived in the Frankenstein home.
What sparks Victor’s fever? His fever is brought on by nervousness he feels about his creature.
How is Victor’s recovery an example of Romanticism? He begins to heal when he sees the beauty of nature- the sky, the flowers, and the smile of children.
How does Shelley create suspense toward the end of these chapters? One certainly expects some reversal after Victor’s apparent recovery. The sudden and unexplained introduction of Justine to the story hints that she will somehow figure into the plot.

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