Frankenstein Chapter 3

What type of science intrigues Victor? Who taught Victor about this science? Victor is drawn to natural science. Victor began by teaching himself about natural science through reading.
What happened to the tree during the storm in Belrive? It was struck by lightning and all that remained was a stump.
Where is Victor going to attend school? University of Ingolstadt
Who died of scarlet fever? Victor’s mother died of scarlet fever. She contracted it by nursing Elizabeth while she was sick.
Who is Monsieur Kremp? A professor of natural science. Stuck up, criticizes Victor’s choice in reading material.
Who is Monsieur Waldman? A professor who lectures on chemistry. Becomes a friend of Victor.
What is the primary question that Victor is trying to answer in his studies? “Where did the principle of life originate?”
Fill in the blank: “A new species would bless [Victor] as its __________________” (Shelley 21). Creator
What did Victor collect from the graveyard? Bones, organs, and flesh from tombs.
Which theme is exemplified when Victor say, “I shunned my fellow creatures as if I had been guilty of a crime” (Shelley 23)? How do you know that? Isolation. He knows what he is doing is morally repugnant/wrong and so he is hiding while he works.
What is the sole purpose of Victor working so hard? Giving life to a lifeless body.
What happened when the monster woke up? Where did Victor go? Victor freaked out. He thought the monster a hideous, miserable wretch, and ran to an inn.
Who came to see Victor in Ingolstadt? Henry Clerval
What happened to Victor at the end of chapter 3? Why? Victor was scared of his creation and passed out when he thought he saw it glide into the room.

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