Frankenstein – Chapter 24

Where does Victor see the creature? In the graveyard as he is visiting the graves of William and Elizabeth.
What does the creature say to him? “You have determined to live and I am satisfied.”
What messages does the creature leave for Victor? He basically says that he plans to make Victor suffer and tells him to follow him to the north, to the lands of ice.
Where are they headed and how is Victor traveling? They are heading north and travelling by sleds with dogs.
Just when the creature seems in Victor’s grasp, what happens? The ice breaks up and Victor is drifting on a piece of ice.
Why is Victor surprised when he sees Walton’s ship? He did not think anyone had ever travelled this far north by ship.
What does Victor ask Walton to do for him? If Victor should die, he asks Walton to kill the creature.
Why do you suppose Walton feels such a connection with Victor? They both had an obsessive desire for knowledge, discovery, and fame.
Why are Walton and his crew so nervous now? They are surrounded by mountains of ice and fear they will be crushed
hat do Walton’s sailors demand of him if they make it out of their current situation? That he head southwards.
Briefly summarize what Victor says to these sailors. Be brave. You didn’t come on this dangerous expedition only to return home at the first sign of real danger.
How does Victor react to the idea of returning to England? He does not intend to go back to England. He has a purpose to fulfill and he tries to get out of bed.
As Victor is saying his farewell to Walton, what sage advice does he give him about tranquility and ambition? “Seek happiness in tranquility and avoid ambition, even if it be only the apparently innocent one of distinguishing yourself in science and discoveries.”
Summarize what the creature says to Walton. He says he hated himself as he was doing the evil deeds he did.
What are the creature’s plans after leaving Walton’s ship? He will go as far north as possible and then burn himself so that there will be no trace left of him and no one else will be able to create another creature as miserable as he has been.
How does the novel end? The creature jumps out the window and diappears into the darkness.

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