Frankenstein chapter 20

What are Victor’s concerns about creating another monster? Victor does not know how the female monster will feel and act. She may refuse to stay with the male creature; she may be more violent than the male creature; the creatures may have kids together and begin and entire race of monsters
Explain why Victor destroys the creature he is forming. When the male creature appears at Victor’s window and Victor realizes his “malice and treachery” he destroys the female monster
Examine how the creature conveys the power he believes he has over Victor. The monster calls Victor his slave and reminds Victor that he can make his life miserable. He also says, “You are my creator, but I am your master; obey!”
Generalize how Victor feels after the monster threatens him. Victor keeps hearing the monster’s threat in his head as he walks along the deserted beach. He regrets not going after him. He wonders what the creature will do on his wedding night. Victor debates whether he should return home or stay on the Orkney Island.
What does Victor do with the remains of the female creature? Victor takes the remains out to sea and throws them overboard with stones to weigh them down.
Describe what Victor does when he becomes tired while sailing. Victor lies down in the bottom of the boat and goes to sleep

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