Frankenstein: Chapter 11-21

What arguments does the creature use to convince Victor to make him a female companion? The creature reasoned with Victor, letting him know that his malicious ways were caused by his misery.
Why does Victor need to go to London? He wants to gather up materials to create a female companion for the creature.
Why does Henry Clerval go to London with Victor? To be his traveling companion for the trip and help him find the materials.
How long do Victor and Henry stay in London? They stayed in London for several months.
Where in Scotland are Henry and Victor invited to visit? In Scotland, Henry and Victor are invited to visit Perth.
Where does Victor go to complete his new project? Victor went to one of the remote islands in Scotland to complete his new project.
What are his concerns about her compliance with the contract he had made with the creature and her unwillingness to comply with the “marriage” that had been arranged for her? He was worried that his new creation will be repulsed by him due to his deformity and abandon him and the creature will be lonely.
How does this reflect the cultural context in which Shelley was writing? It reflects on Shelley’s written context about how Percy had left his wife for Mary.
What is an example of how the creator of a real or fictional creation led to the potential annihilation of the human race?
How and why does Victor destroy his new creation? Victor destroyed his new creation because he was worried about her having a mind of her own.
What power does the creature have that supersedes? What do your envision as a possible threat to the domination of creation by mankind? How have the powers of human reasoning been weakened? The creature used his threats to get what he wants. He had to reason with Victor to convince him to make him a female companion. The powers of human reasoning has been weakened because people are becoming overwhelmed by their fears.
Where and how does Victor get rid of the body parts? He got rid of the body parts by putting them into a basket and throwing them into the sea at night time.
How does Victor end up in Ireland? Victor ended up in Ireland because he received a letter from his father to be with Clerval.
Who is Victor accused of murdering when he comes ashore? When Victor came ashore, he was accused of murdering his beloved friend, Henry Clerval, and Mr. Kirwin.
What is his reaction to seeing the body of the body of the person he is accused of killing? He was startled and in great despair after seeing the body of Clerval.
How long is Victor in prison? 6 months
What happens to him while he is there? He became gravely ill while he was in prison.
Who takes care of him? Either a Turkish nurse or Mr. Kirwin
Who comes to take care of him and eventually take him back to Geneva? His father came to take care of him and take him back to Geneva.
How and why is Victor acquitted of his alleged crime? Victor is acquitted of his alleged crime because he was in Scotland when the murder tool place.
How does he feel about the acquittal? He felt responsible for Henry’s death
Where is Victor headed at the end of the chapter? Who is he with? Victor is headed back to Geneva with his father at the end of chapter 21.
Where does the creature go and how does he survive when he first leaves Ingolstadt? The creature went to the low hovel to seek refuge. He managed to survive from fruits, veggies, and water.
How do people in Ingolstadt and in the first village he comes to react to him? The people run off screaming when the creature approaches. Then, they attacked him with stones and chased him out of the village.
Where does he live throughout the winter? What country is he in? Throughout the winter, he lives in a small hut in Montavert.
What does he do for the people in the cottage? How does he begin to learn to speak? What language does he learn? He brings fire wood and food for the people living in the cottage. He began learning to speak after hearing the strangers’ conversation and reading the books he found in the forest. He learned to speak French.
How does the creature react when he first sees his own reflection? The creature was filled with rage and loathsomeness asked himself if he was a monster back then. He realized that he wasn’t given so much joy and care after his birth.
What is the story of the family in the cottage?
Who are the family members and how are they related?
How did the De Lacey family end up living in poverty?
Who is Safie? How is she responsible for the family’s circumstances? How does Safie’s presence improve his education?
Where does the creature find the copies of Paradise Lost, The Sorrows of Werter, and Plutarch’s Lives that he reads? He found them on the ground in the woods.
What else does he read? He reads his creator’s journal
Paradise Lost A poem that concerns Adam and Eve being tempted by a snake to eat from the tree in the middle of the garden. As a result, God banished them from the garden.
Sorrows of Werter Werter falls in love with Charlotte, despite that she’s engaged to a man eleven years her senior.
Plutarch’s Lives A biographic story that explains the influence between good and bad.
After reading Paradise Lost, why does the creature think he is like Adam in that book? The creature thinks he is like Adam because he is the innocent who got rejected by his creator and feels lonesome without his Eve.
Why does he think he is like Satan? What are the specific reasons that the creature gives for hating his creator? He thinks he is Satan due to his belief of being the fitter emblem of existence.
How does the family’s reaction to the creature affect his view of himself and the human race? The creature was enraged by the family becoming fearful and attacking him. So, he decided to get revenge on the human race.
How is the creature rewarded for rescuing the girl from the raging river?
How does the creature cause the deaths of William and Justine? The creature strangled William to death in order to silence him and framed Justine for the murder by putting a picture of him with his mother in the pocket of her dress.
What does the murder of William tell the creature about himself? He was trying to be his friend, but William’s fear of him caused him to reject the creature.
What does the creature want Victor to do for him? What arguments does he make to convince Victor to comply with his request? The creature wants Victor to create a companion for him. He wants his companion to be of his own species.

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