Frankenstein chapter 11-20 test

At the beginning of chapter 11, how is the creature feeling? He is confused because he doesnt exactly remember how he was created.
What tired the creature as he was walking and how did he rest? The light. He stoped in the forest near Ingolstadt
How did the creature feel when he awoke from his nap in the forest? Scared
Why was the creature feeling pain? Because he was abandoned
What is, ” Soon a gentle light stole over the heavens and gave me a sensation of pleasure. I started up and beheld a radiant form rise from among the trees (the moon),” an example of? Romanticism
In chapter 11, what calms the creature The moon
What is ironic about the creature and Victor’s upbringing’s? The creature had a very cruel and lonely upbringing because he was abandoned by Victor but Victor could not have been more loved by his parents.
What does, “Sometimes i wished to express my sensations in my own mode, but the uncouth and inarticulate sounds which broke from me frightened me into silence again,” mean The creature is afraid of himself
How did the creature discover fire and how did he feel He found a fire which had been left by some beggars and was overwhelmed with the delight and warmth he felt.
How do we see that the creature is in deed intelligent He learns to cook and how to use the fire for different needs.
How is the creature like a nomad He has to hunt and look for food because he is hungry
How long was the creature in the forest for 3 days
What happened when an old man in the hut sees the creature The old man turns around and screams.
“Pandemonium appeared to the demons of hell after their sufferings in the lake of fire” The creature is the speaker. An allusion
What happens when the creature enters the village The kids ran away and a woman fainted. He was attacked by villagers
How does victor feel when he is being attacked by the villagers He felt miserable but didn’t hurt anyone knowing he could.
What happens the second time he sees a hut He doesn’t enter
While in the pig pen, what brings the creature joy Light
What was the creature feeling while he was listening to the music of the people he was watching He was enjoying the music. Thought it was a lovely sight and was feeling love towards the music
How did the creature feel about the appearance of the humans He was in awe with their appearance. Thought that there was beauty in their contrast.
How is the creature watching the humans romanticism He became obsessed and fell in love with their appearance and their music
At the beginning of chapter 12, what did the creature want He wanted to be like those people but he wouldn’t dare. He wanted to discover the motives behind people’s actions
Why is the creature confused As to why such beautiful creatures like them should be so unhappy.
How do we see the affection that the creature has towards the cottagers The son and daughter often leave food for their dad while having none for themselves and the creature stopped stealing food from them when he realized that. He also goes out and collects fire for them
How does the creature learn to speak By listening to the cottagers talk
How did the creature spend the winter and how did he feel Watching the humans and how they acted. He felt the way they felt. If they were sad, then he was depressed, if they were happy, he was happy.
What is the difference between Felix and his sister Felix was sadder and his sister was somewhat cheerful
Why didn’t the creature show himself to the family Because he couldn’t speak the language
What did the creature want to learn to do Read
Why is the creature feeling sad due to how the family looks Because of the way he looks. He will never look like that. He knows he will never be one of them
How was the creature different during the summer The creature was less depressed and happier during this time because the family was happier
What did the creature do everyday on a day to day basis Watch them, help them, and sleep
Does the creature know the effect that he has on the famiky No
Why does the creature call himself a foolish wretch Because he thinks that he could restore happiness to these deserving people.
What did the creature think would happen if he revealed himself to them That they were going to love him
How does the creature feels towards the end of chapter 12 He feels hopeful because they might be able to love him back and accept him. Nature cheers him up
What technique does Shelley use to provide the reader with the creature story A frame story
How does the creature describe his first days Miserable
Why does Shelly write the creatures speech the way she does Tries to show that he is lonely but very advanced in his way of speaking. So that we feel a little sympathy towards him
What does the creature discover about himself His monstrous form and that he wants to be loved by someone but never will
Why is the creature appearance relevant? What science is Shelley discreting It motivates him to try harder. Physiology. People are innately good
What cheers up Felix Safie
What does the creature learn from the family How to be human because they have feelings
How does safie better the creature It makes him want to learn the language faster and better
How do we know that the creature is evolving He has a thirst for knowledge and it took him two months for him to learn to speak
What is safie like She is a very independent and determined woman
What does the creature call the family His protectors
Why did the creature never go outside He was scared he would get attacked again
What books does the creature read Miltons Paradise lostPlutarch Lives Goethe’s the sorrows of young werther
How does the creature relate to Milton’s Paradise Lost He compares himself to Adam from the Bible and the struggle between god and his creations. Unlike Adam, he is alone without a creator to protect him or anyone like eve to love him.
How does the creature feel about evile He hates the idea of being evil
How does the creature feel towards himself towards the end of chapter 13 He isolates himself and wants human interaction. He is envious of what he is seeing and realizes that he is an outcast. He needs love and wants to be loved.
What did the creature not yet understand and scared him Death; suicide. He learned that that was one way to overcome pain.
How did safie used to live. What happened In riches. Safies father was wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to death. Felix visited him in prison and met safie whom he fell in love with. They exchanged letters. Felix coordinated safies fathers escape but the plot was discovered and they were all exiled from France. They then moved to Germany.
What does the creature tell victor about the letters He copied some of the letters and offered them as proof for the story he is telling
What happened to safies mother She was a Christian Arab who had been enslaved by the Turks before marrying her father.
Why does he creature call them his protectors Because they taught him how to fit into the world. He feels safe around them.
What paradox does the creature see in humankind. Humans are powerful but can also be very vicious
In what way does his study of human society make him what he eventually becomes His study makes him realize that men are the source of true evil in this work and makes him want to be innocent and kind
What is the disadvantage of the creatures education He wants to learn more and more just like victor. He won’t be a let I share his knowledge and what his views are in society
What is Shelley opinion towards the court Unfair
How is safie a feminist character She is independent who doesn’t always need a man
What plot exposition is revealed in chapter 14 Safie and her story and how she knows the cottagers
What is the character of safies father He is very strong headed and religious.
What did the creature want in the beginning of chapter 15 Wanted to become a part of society
How does the creature feel about the Sorrows of Werter He was astonished. He says the disquisitions between death and suicide filled him with wonder
As the creature read, how would he isolate himself Because of his looks
What effect did the volumes of Plutarch lives have on the creature He taught him high thoughts and learned a lot about everything.
What story does the creature relate to most Paradise lost
Why is victor not like god Because he created a monster
What did the creature think about how humans would treat him Thought people were going to treat him differently once they got to know him
What happened the more the creature learned The lonelier he felt
How did the creature feel towards his protectors the more he saw them The more he saw them, the more he wanted to be loved by them
What was the creatures plan to reveal himself to his protectors Once the brother and sister were gone, he would go to the blind man and gain the good will of him and then be tolerated by his sons
What does the creature feel when he is talking to de Lacey? He thinks that if they don’t love him, he is a forever outcast
Who shows the creature the first kindness he has ever experienced De Lacey
What happens to the creature as Felix is walking in He starts to cry and begs to de Lacey to accept him and help him because this is it
What is revealed about the creatures character He sees the difference between good and evil
How does the creature feel about the sorrows of werter He thinks the characters are very noble and they remind him of the cottagers. He is very isolated from society
How is the creature similar to adam They were both created without a say or choice
Why couldn’t the creature fully sympathize with the characters in miltons book Because he doesn’t know what to do and because they were different
What does the creature find in his pocket/suitcase? How does it make him feel? Finds a journal from victor and felt even more alone and mad and it upsets him because he made him so ugly
Why doesn’t the creature kill himself after the incident Because he still has hope
What evidence is there that the creature is still good after all this Because he can kill them but he won’t
What happens that makes the creature finally despair The family moved out because Felix thinks de Lacey is in danger
Why does the creature decide to go to Geneva He wants revenge on victor. He has turned evil and mad
Why does the creature ask for a mate Because he wants a friend that won’t be scared of him
What does the creature do when he sees the family leave their cottage He burns it down
What happens to william The creature kills him
What does the creature do with the locket He puts it in justines pocket
What happens to the creature after he gets shot for saving the little girl He curses all men and wants revenge
What do the books do for the creature They change his mind
Why does the creature say he is malicious Because he is miserable
Why won’t Victor create another creature Because he does not want to set another monster lose into the world. He will have someone to be evil with
Why does Victor agree to create another creatue To save his family
Why can’t the creature be kind and happy Because he wants revenge on victor
What happens if just one person in kind to the creature He would be kind to everyone else
Why does Victor wonder if he should agree with the compromise Because he owes it to him
What will the creature do if Victor agrees He will never see him again
What does Victor see in the creature? What does that make him want to do He sees compassion. Might persuade him to comply
“My life will flow quietly away, and in my dying moments I shall not curse my maker” Creature speaking. Might forgive him if he does this for him. This is what he owes him
Why couldn’t Victor sympathize with the creature Because of his looks
What does the creature think about love That love will stop him from doing bad things
why does Victor not want to create the creature after he has already agreed Because he does not want to be consumed by it all again
Why couldn’t Victor bring himself to create the creature He didn’t want to devote months to this again like he had before and be in isolation
How do we see the change in character for cictor He no longer finds comfort in nature
Why does victors father think he is acting in that way Because he has fallen in love with another woman and does not want to get married to Elizabeth
Why can’t Victor marry Elizabeth yet Because he needs to be done with the creature
How does Victor think he will manage to create the creature By forgetting about everything he cares about for a while and going back into isolation
What is the first thing victor is going to do when he gets back from isolation Talk to eli
Why doesn’t Victor want to go to England. Why does he have to? He wants to protect his friend because no one knows if the creature will follow him. He goes because he has to talk to some philosophers.
What is the difference between clerical and Victor Clerval is enjoying everything around him and the nature while Victor is very miserable because he can only think about the creature he has to make. Nature is not cheering him up.
When does the creature “flip the switch” When he gets shot
Does the creature leave the locker on Justine on purpose Yes
What is the sympathy the creature longs for Someone to understand what he truly feels
What is different about his solitude at the beginning of Chapter 18 He is not feeling it and cannot be cured by nature anymore
What are some of the reasons Victor feels he must go to England So that he can hide himself from his family
What does Victor prefer to be to complete his task Allne
What calms Victor down Henry
How does Victor feel at the beginning of chapter 19 He feels guilty and responsible for creating another creature and unhappy.
Where does Victor see the image of his former self In clerval. He wanted to gain more knowledge
What did Victor feel was torture for him Collecting the new parts for the creature
Where was Victor going to create the creature Orkneys in Scotland
How does victors views on nature change towards this chapter He starts to think that it is beautiful and he enjoys it
What happens every time Victor think of the creature He gets sad
Why is Henry always traveling To take his mind off things
How does Victor feel about the whole situation from the beginning He still thinks that it is not his fault
How does Victor feel towards clerval about the creature He is afraid and wants to protect clerval
What happens to Victor and clerval towards the end of chapter 19 They go their own ways. Victor hopes to come back more hopeful
Why does Henry worry about victor He worries about his state of mind.
Why can’t Victor create the creature like the first time He is torn between creating the monster or destroying it
What is Victor thinking about in the beginning of chapter 20 Everything that could go wrong
What are some of the things that could go wrong with the creature Creature babiesPeople in the future could hate himThey can hate each other
Why does Victor destroy the creature He was feeling anger and guilt
What threat does the creature make to cictor I shall be with you on your wedding night
What happens at the end of chapter 20 Victor is taken into custody and accused of murder
What are the creatures feelings when Victor destroys the creature He is furious and vows revenge on victor
How what does Victor say about his childhood in chapter 19 He says he had a good childhood and his mothers death inspired him to make the creature
What is victors big fear in delaying his trip The delay would keep him from completing his dreadful task
What style of literature describes the place where Victor begins to work in Scotland? Why? Gothic because it is very dark and because of the landscape
How is his creation of this monster different from the first Victor is well aware of what he is creating
What opinion does Victor have of his creation He despises it and hates it with a burning passion.
What is the calmness Victor finds after the monster storms away He gives up
Purloined Steal something
Pensive Deep or serious thought
Conjectured An opinion formed by information
Enigmatic Difficult to understand
Ardently Very enthusiastically or passionately
Enfranchised To set free
Blight Something that frustrates plans or hopes
Inexorable Impossible to stop or prevent
Precarious Uncertain, dependent on chance
Deprecate Express disapproval of
Instigate Urge or provoke
Consternation Feeling of anxiety
Succor Give help
Dissipates Scatter in various directions
Vagabond Person who wanders from place to place without home or job
Tenets Doctrines
Expostulate Reason earnestly with someone
Pittance Small amount or share

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