Frankenstein Ch.11-20 Study Guide

How does the creature describe his first days of life? The creature describes his first days of life very unpleasant by the way he is treated and confused by his surroundings.
How does the creature respond to fire? The creature responds to the fire by taking pleasure in the warmth and at one point gets burned and gets amazed with it.
Why is the creature confused to see his cottagers crying? The creature is confused to see the cottagers crying because he thinks they have everything and thought they were happy.
Why does the creature work so hard to learn their language? What does that reveal about his character? The creature works so hard to learn their language so he can communicate and make friends. It reveals that he will do what it takes to communicate and it also shows his effort and determination.
Why is the creature’s appearance relevant? What “science” is Shelley discrediting? The creature’s appearance is relevant because it shows the message Shelley is making. Shelley is saying that people see appearance before personality and she believes it shouldn’t matter what’s on the outside, rather than the inside.
What evidence does Shelley provide of the creature’s innate goodness? Shelley provides evidence of the creature’s goodness by showing how the creature gathered wood for the family who lived in the cottage
What is typically Romantic in the final paragraph of Chapter XII? What is Romantic at the end of Ch. 12 is the fact that happiness arrises when spring comes around. The mood change is affected by weather.
Why does Shelley end Chapter XII on an apparently optimistic note? Shelley ends Ch.12 on an optimistic note to show that soon it will change and something bad will happen.
Explain the second sentence of Ch.13: “I shall relate events that impressed me with feelings which…have made me what I am.” The meaning of the sentence is that the creature is going to explain to Victor how much he has learned.
What practical purpose does the beautiful stranger serve? The practical purpose that the beautiful stranger serves is for the creature to learn
Why does the creature calls the cottagers his “protectors?” The creature calls the cottagers his “protectors” because he pretends that he is a part of their family and that they would take care of him.
What paradox does the creature see in humankind through his study of human history? The paradox that the creature sees in humankind through his study of human history is that humans are powerful and can be vicious.
In view of the trial of Safie’s father in Chapter XIV, and Justine’s trial earlier, what is Shelley’s opinion of the courts in that era? In a view of all the trails that occurred, Shelley’s opinion of of the courts in that era were unjust and judged by religion.
How is Safie a feminist character? Safie is a feminist character because she goes against her father and fleas to Italy to find Felix
What is revealed about the creature’s character very early in Chapter XV? What is revealed about the creature’s character in Chapter 15 is that he learned more about evil by reading about it.
What does the creature find in his pocket? How does it make him feel? The creature finds in his pocket the journal of Victor Frankenstein and it makes him feel abandoned and hurt.
What happens when the creature introduces himself to the cottagers? When the creature introduces himself to the cottagers Agatha faints, Safie runs away from the scene, and Felix beats the creature with a stick.
Why doesn’t the creature kill itself after this incident? The creature doesn’t kill itself because he believes there is still hope to talk to the old man, Delacy.
What evidence is there that the creature is still essentially good despite this momentous disappointment? The creature is still essentially good because he saves the young girl being taken from the fast stream.
What does the creature decide to do? What is his new plan? The creature decides to make contact with the old man when the rest of the family is not there.
What happens that makes the creature finally despair? What happens that makes the creature finally despair is that the family leaves the cottage.
Why does the creature decide to go to Geneva? How have these horrible circumstances changed him? The creature decides to go to Geneva because he read about it in Victor’s journal. These horrible circumstances changed him because now he vows to seek revenge on humans.
What, according to the creature, is the cause of his wickedness and what will be the remedy? According to the creature, his loneliness and isolation is the cause of his wickedness and he believes a female partner with his defects will solve the problem.
Why does Victor refuse to make a female monster? Do you feel he is justified in his refusal? Victor refuses to make a female creature because he does not want to bring another dangerous and repulsive creature into the world.
What does Victor’s father think is the cause of Victor’s present anxiety? Victor’s father thinks the cause of Victor’s anxiety is that he is torn between Elizabeth and another woman he loves.
Describe Victor’s feelings as he journeys through England. ​ Victor’s feelings when he is journeying through England are that he wish he could enjoy the scenery, but he is very anxious about creating the female monster.
What is Victor’s big fear in delaying his trip? ​ Victor’s biggest fear about delaying the trip is that the creature will go mad and go after his family.
What style of literature describes the place where Victor begins to work in Scotland? Why? The type of literature that describes the place where Victor begins to work is gothic literature. Gothic literature describes the place where Victor worked in Scotland because he was in an isolated area just like he want when creating the creature.
What does the creature threaten when Victor destroys the mate? The creature threatens to kill Elizabeth, but Victor misunderstood and thinks the creature threatens to kill him.
What is the “calmness” Victor finds after the monster storms away?

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