What does Frankenstein do when he first sees that his creation is alive? A. He yells “Eureka”and celebrates.B. He runs away and goes to sleep.C. He introduces himself and begins to work with the creature.D. Nothing-he is too surprised to move. B. He runs away and goes to sleep.
Victor Frankenstein A well-educated man with a loving family,obsessive to the point of self destruction.
Robert Walton A lonely man who is close to his sister and no one else, obsessed with finding the North Pole and Arctic crossing.
William Frankenstein The beloved youngest member of the Frankenstein family; murdered
Elizabeth Lavenza Victor’s long time friend and betrothed; adopted into the Frankenstein family as a baby
Justine Moritz Friend and servant of the Frankenstein family; wrongfully accused of murder
The creature A vein created and abandoned by Victor Frankenstein
Mary Shelley A young writer; wrote Frankenstein; or the modern Prometheus as a challenge by friends during a stormy winter of ghost stories.
Why didn’t Frankenstein defend Justine?A. He thought she was guiltyB. To protect the real murderer.C.He was afraid people would think he was insane.D.He did not know who had committed the murder. C. He was afraid people would think he was insane.
Which of the following best describes the Frankenstein family?A. They were wealthy and aloof, setting themselves above the common man.B. They were wealthy but generous, helping those less fortunate.C. They were a cold u feeling family.D. Victor never knew his real family. The Frankensteins took him in as a young boy. B. They were wealthy but generous, helping those less fortunate.
Who is telling the story?A.Walton is reselling a story he heard from Frankenstein.B. Walton is telling it by the fire as a ghost story to amuse his sister.C. Frankenstein is writing the story as a memoir.D. Shelley is telling the story; the narrator is the same as the author. A. Walton is retelling a story he heard from Frankenstein.

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