FMoR #7 – Coriolanus & the Fabii

Coriolanus Caius Marcius; patrician general; hated plebeians
patricians wealthy, upper-class citizens
plebeians common citizens; “plebs”
Volscians a people of Latium
Corioli capital city of the Volscians
Veturia Coriolanus’ mother
Fabii powerful Roman family; killed by Veientians
“If the people want corn, let them first give up their tribunes.” -Coriolanus
“Oh mother… you have saved Rome, but you have ruined your son.” -Coriolanus
contempt looking down on; scorn
resolved decided; planned; made up his mind
scarcity lack, insufficiency
tribunes elected representative of the plebs
veto power to prevent the passing of a law (Latin: I forbid)
laden heavily loaded
condemn to convict as guilty
cordially in a warm, friendly manner
hasten to move quickly; to hurry
spoils valuables taken from an enemy in war
How did the patricians oppress the plebeians? The plebeians were often summoned to fight wars in defense of Rome, work that they were not paid for and that required them to be away. Consequently, they could not maintain their farms or support their families. They had to borrow money from the patricians, who would jail them or sell their wives and children as slaves if they were not repaid.
What could tribunes do to laws they didn’t like? Tribunes had veto power, which means they could prevent laws from passing.
What did Coriolanus want plebeians to exchange for food during the famine? Coriolanus wanted the plebeians to give up their tribunes, which would force them to give up the little power they had.
How did the women of Rome save the city from Coriolanus? Rome was saved by Coriolanus’ mother, Veturia, and a number of other noble ladies who, dressed in mourning, fell to their knees and begged Coriolanus to spare the city. Coriolanus submitted and told the women to go back to Rome where they would be safe.
What noble family supported plebeians and was hated by other patricians? The noble family that supported the plebeians was the Fabii.
What Etruscan city took revenge on the Fabii? How were they cowardly? Veii took revenge on the Fabii. Veientians were cowardly because they attacked Fabii during their annual religious service, when the Fabii were unarmed and unprepared to fight back.

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