Final test for Hamlet

T or FHamlet’s romance with Ophelia is ended by his mother False, its ended by Polonius
T or FGertrude is astonished to see the ghost False,She never see’s it
T or FClaudius admits his guilt to the audience in act II False,Act 3
T or FClaudius killed the king by pouring poison in his ear True
T or FAt the end of the play Horatio becomes king False,Fortinbras becomes king
T or FHamlet fears that the ghost may have been sent by the devil True
T or F”To thine own self be true” is part of Hamlet’s soliloquy in act III False, Polonius said this to Laretes in act I
T or FHamlet is afraid to trust Rosencrantz and Guildenstern False,He’s not afraid
T or FThe ghost is in purgatory waiting to ascend to heaven True
T or FPolonius believes that love for Ophelia cause Hamlet’s madness True
T or FIn the “To be or not to be” speech in act III, Hamlet discusses his plan suicide False, No suicide
T or FAfter the players perform, The whole court knows of Claudius’ crime False
T or FClaudius deeply loves Gertrude False
T or FLike Hamlet, Ophelia only pretends to be mad False
Fortinbras is a prince of Norway
“get thee to a nunnery” is addressed to Ophelia
Hamlets resents Gertrude’s marriage to Her husband’s brother
Hamlet compares polonius to Fishmonger
Hamlet does not kill Claudius at prayer because He wants to damn the Kings soul
Hamlet hopes the play will Cause Claudius to reveal his guilt
The ghost tells Hamlet To leave the Queen alone
Claudius hopes that Hamlet will be killed in England
The graveyard scene shows That all are equal in death
Hamlet feels Gertrude is guilty for An incestuous marriage
Ophelia dies by Drowning
Laretes plots the duel because of Grief
Comic relief is provided by The gravediggers
Hamlet feels he can trust only Horatio
Hamlet is the only one at court who Still wears mourning
The first to see the ghost is A sentry(guards)
In his first soliloquy, Hamlet sees the world as Generally evil
The court is located in Elsinore
The duel is plotted by Laertes and Claudius
Hamlet kills Polonius Not knowing who it it
Polonius Adviser to the king
Claudius Names Hamlet heir to the throne
Hamlet Feels “the readiness is all”
Gertrude Once married to King Hamlet
Ophelia Returns Hamlet’s gifts
Laertes Brother to Ophelia
Horatio Says “good night, sweet prince”
Reynaldo Goes to spy on Laertes
Yorick Jester’s skull in graveyard
Letters to England Delivered by Rosencrants and Guildenstern
Poisoned wine Kills Gertrude
Mouse trap Nickname for the “play” in act III
Rapier Kills Laertes
Armor wearing The ghost’s manner of dress
Flowers Part of Ophelia’s mad scene
The subject of the main claus of the sentence which begins “Rashly” (line 6) is E=”I”
Hamlet most likely views his discovery of the plot against him to have been B= part of a larger plan
In line 29, the phrase “no leisure bated’ could best be restated as B= without any delay
In line 45, “it” refers to E= “learning”
The sentiment in line 52 is most closely related to line b=10
In line 61, “this employment” refers to A= their mission for the king
In this passage, Hamlet presents a justification for all of the following of his actions EXCEPT C= denying rosencrantz and guilderstern time for confession
Who is fearful of divine punishment because he cannot say “Amen”? macbeth
Who is frightened that the bloody daggers will reveal who killed the king? lady macbeth
Who is afraid of “daggers in men’s smiles” and of being killed? Donaldbain
Who is alarmed about the dreams he might have if he sleeps? Banquo
Who is terrified by the “strange screams of death” and other disturbances heard in the night? Lennox
Who is the first person in Act III to suspect Macbeth of killing Duncan? banquo
suspects that banquo knows macbeth’s crimes? macbeth
is suspicious becuase the witches have not provided information? hecate
are suspicious of macbeth’s behavior at the banquet? nobles
are suspicious about all events and hope for aid form england against macbeth? lennox and another lord
the crowned child birnam wood to dunsinane
ross macbeth has killed macduff’s family.
bloody child no man born of woman.
armed head beware macduff.
banquo’s ghost 8 ghostly things
reveals murders of lady macduff and her sons. lady macbeth
reveals that lady m. hallucinates doctor
reveals that lady m. is dead seyton
reveal that birnam wood is approaching the castle messenger
reveals that his supporters will be made Earls. malcolm
Macbeth finally realizes that the witches and apparitions Deceived him with ambiguous messages
the play ends with the thanes acknowledging who as Scotland’s new and lawful king? malcolm
The final act of Macbeth reveals that Lady Macbeth has become haunted by guilt
Unlike her husband, Lady Macbeth’s behavior becomes hysterical
Until the very end, Macbeth believes that the witches’ prediction will save his life
As he prepares for his final battle, Macbeth expresses his disappointment that old age will not bring him love, honor, and friendship
All of the following images occur repeatedly in the play except eggs
Which of the following quotations from the play contains figurative language? “Life’s but a walking shadow.”
praises Macbeth and expresses a desire to visit the castle at Inverness the king duncan
doubts Macbeth’s determination to kill the king. lady macbeth
accompanies Macbeth when he meets the witches. banquo
tells the king about Macbeth’s bravery in battle the captain
worries about the consequences of his actions macbeth
the king’s discussion of his marriage (lines 8-14) is characterized primarily by paradox
in line 23, the word “importing” could most accurately be restated as concerning
In lines 33-41, the king’s words to cornelius and voltemand reveal all of the following EXCEPT his belief that Old Norway will not serve as king much longer
line 50 contains an example of metonymy
hamlet’s words in line 67 suggest that he I and II (is less than a son to the king & does not look favorably upon the king)
hamlet’s words in line 69 contain an example of a pun
in lines 79-89, hamlet asserts that the difference between what “seems” and what “is” is that the first is external; the second is internal
The message Hamlet wants Yorick to give my lady is that despite her efforts to preserve her beauty she will finally look like Yorick
Hamlet’s words in lines 24-27 are an example of deductive reasoning
“that earth” refers to Caesar
The reference to Ophelia’s death as “doubtful” most likely means that there was some question about whether she had drowned accidently
the word “for” is best understood to mean instead of
Hamlet resents Laertes because Laertes:1. implies that he loved Ophelia more than Hamlet did2. blames Hamlet for Ophelia’s death3. employs hyperbolic and histrionic language 1 and 2
the tone of hamlet’s words in lines 120-121 is philosophical
why does macbeth want banquo dead the witches promised that Banquo would father kings
In the extended banquet scene, MacBeth chastises Banquo for being absent. Why is this ironic? Banquo was present in ghostly form
At the banquet, what does Macbeth’s tortured conscience cause? challenging Banquo’s ghost
During the banquet, lady Macbeth tries tries to explain her husband’s odd behavior
When Macbeth hears that no one born of a woman will harm him, he decides to kill macduff anyway
When Ross joins Malcolm and Macduff in Scene 3, he says to Macduff, “Let not your ears despise my tongue forever, / Which shall possess them with the heaviest sound / That ever yet they heard.” What does he mean and why does he say this? Please don’t dislike me because I bring bad news
When Macduff receives the news of his family, what does Malcolm urge him to do? Get angry and take revenge
Who actually murders Lady Macduff and her children? group of murders sent by Macbeth
The murder of Lady Macduff and her children differs from that of Duncan or even or Banquo because it appears to be prompted by… furry and fustration
When Macduff learns the news of his wife’s death he becomes determined to unseat macbeth
The “damned spot” to which Lady Macbeth refers is Duncan’s bloodstain
Macbeth tries to reassure himself that Malcolm and Macduff are not a threat to him because they are both of “woman born
As Macbeth’s anxiety grows, he commands the doctor to cure Lady Macbeth
Macbeth’s reaction to his wife’s death shows that he thinks life is a meaningless path to death
Macduff declares that he must kill Macbeth because he must avenge his family members’ murders

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