Feminist critics hamlet

1952 Heilburn defends Gertrude arguing that the text never hints she knew of the murder
Gertrude is misinterpreted Gertrude is misinterpreted as male critics judge her based on what Hamlet says about her
Gertrude is merely Gertrude is merely adapting to the circumstances of her husband’s death
Ophelia is driven mad by guilt Ophelia is driven mad by guilt because the murder of her father fulfills her sexual desire to be with Hamlet
Ophelia has no past Ophelia has no past therefore her character is difficult to explore
Her lack of her lack of independence shows the repressive double standards inherited in our traditions
Juliet Dusinberre Ophelia has no chance to develop an independent conscience of her own…so stifled is she by the authority of the male world
Ophelia became the Ophelia became the ‘hysterical woman’ in modern culture