Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary and Page Number

Stolid showing little or no emotion; not easily excited or upsetPage 3
Refracted to make light change direction when it goes through an anglePage 11
Imperceptibly impossible to see or noticePage 11
Pulverized to crush, beat ground into powder or dustPage 14
Melancholy sad mood or feelingPage 61
Capillary resembling a hair especially in slender elongated formPage 24
Multifaceted having many different partspage 26
ballistics a sciences that studies the movement of objects that are shot through airPage 26
Erected straight up and downPage 32
Proclivities A strong natural liking for something that is usually badPage 33
Odious Causing hatred or strong dislikePage 35
Ravenous Very hungryPage 41
Pratfall A sudden fall in which you end up sitting on the groundPage 56
Dictum a statement or remark that expresses an important idea or rulePage 58
Noncombustible not able to be burned easilyPage 61
Tactile relating to sense of touchPage 61
Cadenced A regular beat or rhythmPage 75
Retailiation to do something bad to someone who has hurt youPage 79
Receptacle a container that is used to hold somethingPage 82
Cowardice Fear that make you unable to do what is right or expectedPage 82
Simultaneously happening at the same timePage 149
Manifested able to be seen clearlyPage 83
Verbiage speech or writing that contains many wordsPage 107
Smouldering to burn something slowly without flames but usually with smokePage 117
Indecisive not able to make choices quickly and confidentlyPage 151
Grotesque comically or repulsively ugly or distortedPage 134
Limned to draw or paint on a surfacePage 134
Juggernaut something that is extremely large and powerful that can’t be stoppedPage 140
Cardamon the seeds of an Asian plant used as a spice in cookingPage 169
Pedants a person who annoys other people by correcting small errorsPage 153
Pyre a pile of wood for burning a dead bodyPage 163

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