Fahrenheit 451 Unit Test

In the novel, fire symbolizes… Ignorance, destruction of responsibility, and cleansing from a previous life
The mechanical hound symbolizes… Threat of technology
The parlor walls symbolize… Mind numbing technology
In the novel, mirrors symbolize… The need to reflect
In the novel, the fireman’s symbol is… A salamander
In the novel, literature is being preserved… In the minds of scholars
This character felt that “the stars had been pulverized by the sound of the black jets.” Montag
This character feared that her “relatives”would be burned down by the authorities Mildred
This character thinks in terms of feelings, happiness, and freedom Clarisse
This character says “any man’s insane who thinks he can fool with the government and us.” Beatty
The dead beast, the living beast is… The mechanical hound
In the novel’s society, children are considered… Nuisances
Most relationships in the novel’s society could be said to be… Disposable
Faber believes that happiness is the result of… Quality information, leisure time to process information, and the right to carry out actions based on what is learned
What is the allusion in Beatty’s first statement to Montag in part three? The story of Icarus
What happens to the earpiece that allows Montag to hear Faber? Beatty takes it
What does Montag do Beatty? Sets him on fire
What happens to the mechanical hound? Montag sets it on fire
Before going to Fabers house, what does Montag retrieve from his own property? Books
What does Montag realize about Beatty? That Beatty wanted to be dead
During his time floating down the river, what is the setting of Montag’s daydream? A hayloft
Montag finds the __________ shortly after leaving the river Railroad
___________ alerted the firemen to Montag’s book collection. Mildred
The leader of the fugitives is __________ Granger
Montag tells the fugitives he has a copy of ___________ with him Ecclesiastes
The title of the poem that Montag reads to the women is _____________ Dover Beach
Mr. ____________ has developed a method for recalling anything read at least once Simmons
____________ says his grandfather was a sculptor Granger
The earplug radios in the novel are called ___________ radios Seashell
Montag compares the pumping machine used on Mildred and part one to a ________ Snake
According to Beatty, _______________________was the first fireman Benjamin Franklin
In the novel, books symbolize ____________ Lost freedoms
Mildred claimed that Clarice drowned herself in a lake. True or false? False
Clarice is jailed by authorities for her beliefs. True or false? False
In the novel, books represent conformity. True or false? False
Mythologically, the salamander can endure fire without being burned. True or false? True
In the novel’s society, “anti-social” means pursuing individuality and holding discussions with others. True or false? True
The major question Clarisse asks Montag is “are you happy?” True or false? True
Ray Bradbury used science fiction in this novel mainly to provide a way of escape from daily life for his readers. True or false? False
The promise at the end of the novel is that man will rise, reflect, abolish war, and heal nations. True or false? True

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